Sue Davis

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Sue Davis

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You deserve to live your life knowing love, peace, happiness, and fulfillment. I combine soul retrieval with psyche work that results in gaining a fresh perspective of our human condition and ultimately the power to remove fear, depression, and anxiety.


Services and products

What I offer is spirit-centered work, which creates a readiness for transformation. The practices are subtle but powerful: meditation, imaging, creative work, dream work, myth, intuition, and on to meaningful coincidence and telepathy.

I invite people who feel lost, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, lonely, unsatisfied, angry, frustrated, fearful, stuck, unfulfilled and empty to give this approach to healing a chance.

To seek relief people may try various types of therapy and psychotherapy, only to end up misdiagnosed and medicated, often making the situation worse. Others may look to church leaders, or try yoga, meditation, or any number of holistic healing practices, yet left feeling unsatisfied and the problem unresolved.

The center of our entire psyche is our true Self, our Soul. This is our inner wholeness that creates a constant balance between the opposing forces of ego. It is the soul that finally reconciles effort and effortlessness, injury and forgiveness, control and surrender, conflict with others and acceptance of them, awareness of defects and unconditional love.

Soul retrieval/psyche work resolves our suffering by bringing into awareness the healer within. I will guide you as learn to use your creativity, intuition, and dreams to communicate with your true self and as you do transformation and healing will come in all kinds of surprising ways.


Healing philosophy or mission

Integrative Life Work

Once mankind was in communion with the earth, believing all creatures were our brothers and sisters, and the earth a sacred living entity supporting life. Nevertheless, humans as complex organisms felt the need to question, create, and organize which led to the development of societies, religions, and the sciences. In the process, we systematically separated ourselves from other people and species living within the ecosystem of earth and our cosmos.

All living things are connected by the life force that flows through them, and this disconnection makes us out of balance, both personally and worldly. Folklore, mythologies, and dreams are manifestations of instinctual patterns or archetypes that offer us a source of healing and integration. Restoring meaning to symbols reconnects us to our spirit in the physical world, allowing us to access our multidimensional consciousness. Awareness that we are connected to everything in existence brings strength, peace, harmony, profound healing, and love.


Appointment length and fee range

I work remotely by phone. Depending on where you are located we might meet once or twice.

Working by phone has been a great advantage for my clients. It means that when you have a dream or a revelation you don’t have to wait a week to meet me on a specific day and specific time. What we will do together is very dynamic and it is more important to keep the process going when new revelations first strike.

I charge 75.00 per week. This covers everything… no matter how long our conversations last and no matter how many times we talk that week.

The first consultation call is free.

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