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Sharon Weinstein, RN, MS, CRNI, FACW, FAAN

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I offer a total approach to wellness that is fundamental to the mind/body connection and restoration of energy. I integrate the 5 Elements in my work. Quiet the mind, know thyself, repress aging. Contact me to learn how to help yourself to sleep, to heal, to repair, and to age gracefully!


Services and products

Total Wellness is a state of mind and body. As a Nurse Educator/Wellness Consultant, I collaborate with clients from all walks of life to create total wellness in their lives.

Through a wellness journey, I share Eastern wisdom and Western technology that create balance in one’s life. I have the unique ability to change people’s lives forever, inspiring passion about the need to focus on one’s life, one’s lifestyle, and one’s future. I complete a 5 Elements Assessment to enable the client to understand the relationship between mind/body/system/organ/personality.
Workplace Wellness initiatives are an idea whose time has come. We partner with businesses with 5-500 employees, becoming their outsourced Chief Wellness Officer. By working closely with employees and management, we encourage a balanced lifestyle – at home and at work. Maintaining a work/life balance is essential for our well-being. The best way to begin working toward that balance is to simplify your life. Keeping it simple is a voluntary process, and you have the power to achieve this goal. But, as T.S. Eliot wrote, “Finding a way to live the simple life is one of life’s supreme complications. ()

How does your healing modality work?
The sleep experience in which one reaches rapid eye movement (REM 5) sleep quickly, ensures a good night’s rest. During REM 5 sleep, one’s memory is restored, cells are rejuvenated, and one awakens refreshed and ready to face a new day. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and they rejuvenate each day. Deep, restorative sleep prepares the cells for a new day.
We offer healthy coffee/tea/mushroom products. Our company grows and disseminates 75-80% of the world’ edible and medicinal mushrooms. Rich with polysaccharides, they help to avoid/treat cancer, boost the immune system, restore circulation, and manage menopause.

How do you see your services evolving over the next three years?
We are building a strong organization, mentoring and coaching our team members to facilitate their success. With focus, drive, and commitment, they will be able to replicate what we have done.
Our enthusiastic, growing team is expanding to 29 countries within the next 5 years, including Mexico, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in 2013.
We offer a ground floor opportunity to join the wellness movement and to plan for, and balance, your future! If you care about your physical and financial health scorecard, we can open the door to your reward. The opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ by helping others to help themselves and to enhance their health and their lives is a privilege… we are pleased to be a part of the wellness industry and we encourage you to learn how our programs may benefit you.

Issues / Benefits

Presenting issues and problems or types of clients

Why do people come to see you?
People from all walks of life come to see me for sleep disorders, body burden or common aches and pains, immune system disorders, and because they genuinely want to feel well, be healthy, and live ‘the good life.’

Who is an ideal client?
An idea client for me is anyone who sleeps, albeit poorly, and who wants more out of life.including a feeling of total wellness.
I work closely with athletes, women in sports, and those seeking help with diabetic and chronic disease management.

Benefits and results people see

In my book entitled, B is for Balance, a guide to creating balance at home and work, I take readers through a wellness journey including tips and techniques for finding purpose, stress management, dreaming big and focus.
People see immediate and lasting benefits from our programs and process.


Healing philosophy or mission

My healing philosophy is one of promoting vital and vibrant health. Self care is not about going to extremes; rather, it is about taking the time and doing what it takes to take exceptional care of you. It starts with informed choice and means making you a priority.
I propose that one assume responsibility for self-care and take the time to be good to oneself. This is especially important for those in the health professions; thus, my passion is caring for caregivers.

Uniqueness and what makes you good

Describe your style or approach:
My approach is to use a self assessment tool that I have developed and tested throughout North America and the United Kingdom . I then make recommendations based upon that assessment and the 5 Elements Assessment.
As a partner in care, I work with the client to determine his or her needs and develop a longterm plan to achieving optimum health. Self-care starts with informed choice. Self-care means putting your needs first.

What makes you different/good at what you do?
Throughout my nursing career, I have been at the forefront of healthcare and always ahead of the pack…first in home care, first in international, first in wellness.
As the founder of the Integrative Health Forum, I am leading the field in developing the evidence base for wellness practice. As a leader and relationship builder, I am able to meet and exceed the needs of my clients in their quest for total wellness.

Why do you do what you do?
I do what I do because I have mastered a unique ability to transform lives in very special ways. I have a passion for my practice, and I derive great satisfaction from seeing others achieve tranquility, slow down, stop and smell the roses and be well!

What else might someone want to know about you?
I am committed to the wellness of others and to sharing my passion for the good life. There is a symbiotic relationship between the messenger (coach) and the client.

I am a good listener and by listening carefully to others, I am able to make recommendations that enable them to reduce stress, achieve balance, improve energy, and release tension. My premise is that what matters most is how much you care. I truly care for, and about, others! Wellness is not what I do – it is WHO I am!


Education and training

Independent Founding Member and Key Master, Alphay
Founder and Chair, Integrative Health Forum, 2002
Graduate, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, Evanston , IL
MS, University of North Texas , Denton , TX : Healthcare Administration and Gerontology (Aging)
Certificate Program, Trinity University , San Antonio , TX : Healthcare Administration
BS/BSN, Wilmington College , Wilmington , DE : Behavioral Science and Nursing
Registered Nurse, Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing, Philadelphia , PA

A prolific author and speaker, I have addressed national and international audiences on the subjects of wellness, health, vitality, sleep, and contemplation. I am the author of 6 9 textbooks, several chapters in established texts, and over 150 peer-review publications. I have been featured in The Washington Post, Sierra Club, New York Times, and on NBC.


Appointment length and fee range

How long is a typical session?
A typical first session is one hour in length.

Fee Range
My fees vary, consistent with one’s assessment results. Products are available at wholesale or retail pricing.

Typical session and how to prepare:

Describe a typical session:
A typical session involves completion of the Health Assessment Tool and an evaluation of the results, specific to the client. An introduction to recommended technologies and changes in lifestyle that ensure success follows. Clients are encouraged to bring a family member to the initial session, and to use affirmations in the approach toward wellness. Sample product may be provided to test response.

How should someone prepare for a session?
A client may prepare for a session with me by allocating a full hour in which to meet, reflect, relax, and master self-awareness. By being cognizant of, and honest about, one’s state of health and goals, success follows.

Insurance, cancellation policy, office hours and other logistics

Take Insurance?
We do not accept insurance, but we do process MC/Visa.

Cancellation Policy?
Not at this time

Office hours/days of the week:
I work by appointment only, and at the convenience of my clients. Group sessions may also be arranged for weeknights and weekends.

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