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Robin Condro, MSW, LSCW, BCD, ACHT

Chicago (312) 750-1030
Our goal is to help each person, on their individual path, reach their highest potential and then be able to live healthy, joyful lives in balance and harmony.


Services and products

My practice in psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families is based on a systemic philosophy, looking at each person in his or her whole life. In addition to looking at the person’s inner emotional life, I explore their interactions with their immediate family, extended family, friends, jobs, communities and the world. I help each person identify and resolve nonproductive circular patterns that one unconsciously repeats.
Utilizing my strong cognitive understanding of human dynamics, developmental issues, communication skills, coupled with the importance of spirituality I assist each person to come into balance and harmony within their lives. I am an action-oriented therapist versus nondirective focusing on ways for the client to create change in their lives.
Hypnosis utilizes a process of shifting between the conscious and sub-conscious mind allowing the person to identify stuck patterns at their origin, helping them to reconnect with dissociated emotions and disowned parts of themselves resulting in new decisions about themselves and change their behaviors.
Affirmations are used by the person between sessions to reinforce these new beliefs. The spiritual dimension of my work may result in Soul Retrieval (bring back lost parts on ones soul) and extraction (removing energy blocks) utilizing Shamanism, an ancient spiritual healing practice.
RoHun therapy is a Psychic Surgery combining energy work with talk therapy releasing blocked negative emotions from the body, self concept, memories of past experiences, current behaviors, and thoughts and feelings about life.

Issues / Benefits

Presenting issues and problems or types of clients

Anyone interested in healing and desires to reach their highest potential on any and all levels.
(mentally, physically, emotionally, and physically)

Benefits and results people see

My clients experience significant relief from the emotional blockages in this action orientated therapy. Not only do they have a new understanding of themselves, they have a process that fosters a more joyous and purposeful, heart-centered life.
In cases of soul retrieval the person leaves with a connection with themselves that may have been absent for many years. Each client has developed new tools to apply to their lives.


Healing philosophy or mission

To Educate, Nurture, and Heal

Uniqueness and what makes you good

What makes you different/good at what you do:
Through out my 34 year career I have been affirmed by my clients, co-workers and those who I have trained as to my gift as a healer. I have a long association with two major universities who have kept my knowledge current.
I now know that my intuitive skills are the result of true connection with spiritual help that I have always received in order to make such a deep connection with each person who lives I have touched. I have continued my education and personal growth as essential in my being fully present and in harmony in order to help others. I am grateful to be a channel of healing and to have been touched by so many loving people.

Describe the atmosphere and any extra goodies your center has to offer.
The environment in each of our three locations has been developed to enhance the healing processes by just being there and experiencing a peaceful setting. Tea and water is always available and usually soft music, a reading library, different forms of artwork and lots of quiet. Many of the clients come early just to sit, read, and have a cup of tea.
Healing is a multi-layer process and we believe it should start at the door.
The Chicago Loop office is located in a historic building close to major transportation and Millennium Park. Our third location is in Park Forest , Il on 2.7 acres of woodland next to an 800-area wildlife preserve. We do some of our individual work here and all of our group classes. We are blessed with an abundance of wildlife, opportunities to walk in the woods. One might meditate on tree logs or watch the activity on the wetlands. It can be and often is very magical.

Why do you do what you do?
To create a safe environment where a person could come and work either on an individual level or in groups facilitated to their healing on the physical, emotion, mental, and/or spiritual level.


Education and training

Masters Degree In Social Work Loyola University, 1971; Advanced Training Family Therapy, Family Institute of Chicago, Northwestern University 1976; Shamanic Practisioner, Foundation for Shamanic Studies Three Year Training, 1993; Heat-Centered Hypnotherapy, Wellness Institute, Seattle WA. Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, 2004; RoHun Therapist Delphi University, Georgia , 2004


Appointment length and fee range

What is your fee range:
My fee is $110 for a 60 minute session. Reduced fee on the basis of extreme need.

Typical session and how to prepare:

Describe a typical session and how someone might prepare for it:
All sessions are tailored to the individual and their specific needs each session, which would be established through our initial conversation. The type of inner work would depend on the client’s comfort and readiness.
The clearer the person is about their current problem or issue to focus on prior to coming to the session the quicker we are able to move to the deeper healing. Often the client is dealing with issues on a subconscious level, which is revealed in the process of talking together in the session.
Come with an open heart and an open mind.

Insurance, cancellation policy, office hours and other logistics

Do you take insurance?
Some insurance companies cover us, especially for Naprapathy. Psychotherapy clients may be reimbursed by their insurance company.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes, 24 hours notice

Days of the week and hours of operation for the center.
We work by appointment

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DepressionOften a result of loss of contact with ones true self, possibly due to self neglect, unresolved trauma or loss. Beginning an inward journey to come into wholeness would include physical activity , connection with nature and releasement of all blocked energy. In working with the mind, body and spirit, the sub couscous blocks of the stuck energy would be established and interventions would include releasing through verbal and physical actions. Trance work may include a gentle going within to Hypnotherapy, RoHun or Shamanism to achieve a deeper connection with the identified problem.