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My kinesthetic perception allows me to discern injury and blockage while my unique multi-sensory approach deepens the healing.


Services and products

I am the owner/founder of Urban Escape Healing. UEH combines a variety of sensory-based experiences to enhance the effects of a Reiki energy healing session. My kinesthetic abilities allow me to find and release energy blockages to bring greater health to all recipients. As a practitioner, I bring a sense of peace and calmness to alleviate clients with stress, anxiety, and deeper emotional and spiritual issues. Through my sessions, I've relieved acute pain in specific areas and helped to re-balance different body systems. I concentrate on each client individually to create the most holistic healing environment for them. Mind, body, and spirit is reached through my sensory approach:

Hearing: Healing Music and Live Sound (Didgeridoo, Drums, Shakers Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls)
Smell: Essential Oils and Herbal Smudging
Touch: Reiki and Energy Healing
Visual: Healing Images and Artwork
Pendulums, Meditation Techniques, Spirit Guide/Angels, and others used

How does your healing modality work?
Reiki, meaning universal life energy, is a safe, natural, hands-on healing method to reconnect us with our energy source, to bring great relaxation and stress reduction into our lives. During a treatment, I place my hands lightly on or a few inches over the person’s body. Through hand positions, I send healing energy to you and your body's systems to achieve a healthy balance. As everything works on a vibrational level, the reiki reaches one layer and it is expanded through the use of meditative music, oils, crystals, and fresh juice.

How do you see your services evolving over the next three years?
I'd like to travel to more events and offices. I am producing my own healing music and growing some of the herbs and scents I use in my sessions. I will seek training for massage therapy as I am drawn to healing others.

Issues / Benefits

Presenting issues and problems or types of clients

Why do people come to see you and who is an ideal client?
I have had success when working with all types of people. My style is not to command you or tell you what you need to do but give you suggestions so that you can reach it on your own. In allowing you to grow into your power in a safe space you are able to create a stronger bond with self and your own healing. People like the sensory approach I take because there is something in it for everyone. An ideal client would be someone that is anxious or stressed, has chronic conditions, is looking to explore their spiritual nature, or others that are sensitive or empathic and are overwhelmed by this. My sessions bring comfort and understanding to the deep pains of others.

Benefits and results people see

Clear positive results come from my Integrative Reiki Sessions. Some of the areas I treat and have gotten the strongest feedback include:

Stress and Anxiety Reduction
Pain Reduction
Clear Head for Life and Decision Making
Help in Sleeping
Spiritual Connection
Releasing Memories or Emotional Blockages
Supporting the Immune System


Healing philosophy or mission

I believe that everything that we need to heal ourselves already exists within nature and is part of each of us. Everything on this planet has its own vibration. This vibration or frequency can be de-tuned as much as it has the potential to become re-tuned and harmonious. Every experience and person in our life has something to teach us. When we learn to love ourselves and others because we realize that we are all mirrors, things begin to flow easier. By utilizing multiple avenues to healing (essential oils, sound, reiki), I allow people to find what they resonate with and how they can be their own most powerful healer.

Uniqueness and what makes you good

Describe your style or approach:
My style is down-to-earth and grounded. While strongly connected to the spirit realm I keep my focus on the present moment. I'm dedicated to my clients before, during, and after a session and giving them a individualized session based on their needs.

What makes you different/good at what you do?
My sensory approach is mindful and makes me different. I truly listen to everyone. People enjoy the blend of music, oils, crystals, energy and all of the subtle levels I work on during a session.

Why do you do what you do?
I'm always looking to help others and am the person that strives to make everyone feel valuable. Part of my purpose is to be of service to others. A deep satisfaction comes from the before and after of a session in recognizing an improvement and knowing the positive vibrations that I'm spreading. I've always been naturally inclined at channeling energy.

What else would someone want to know about you?
I take great pride in introducing new people to reiki. I think one of my purposes on this planet is to communicate with a wide range of people and to be a positive stable force for them. Being grounded is very important to me and I make an effort to mix a variety of things into my healing life as to embrace my surroundings and connect with others. I love music, plants, sports, traveling, the outdoors, eating, and learning new things.


Education and training

I have a B.A. From Columbia College in Music Business with special emphasis on Environmental Studies.

My holistic view comes from the mix of my artistic and environmentalist sides. I have been playing music for over 10 years as this is a big part of who I am.
My Reiki energy training is from:

I am a Reiki Master Teacher who studied at different locations for different energetic levels. I studied with Equilibrium Energy and Education Center (Level 1), Independent Reiki Masters Jack Ryan and Rachel Goldberg (Level 2), and The Healing Triad (Level 3 & Master Teacher).


Appointment length and fee range

How long is a typical session?
A typical session lasts about an hour. First Session a bit longer.

Fee Range:
$65/session. First-timer & Student rate of $50/session.

Typical session and how to prepare:

Describe a typical session:
A typical session is prefaced with a conversation about how the client is feeling and what they are going through. Clients are encouraged to share anything they feel comfortable to and to ask questions. After this, I do a quick chakra reading to see where imbalances and blockages exist in the body. This along with the introductory information allows me to develop a customized plan for them. Besides wearing comfortable clothes and being open to receive, there isn't much else for the client to do in preparation. The healing space is always energetically cleared and protection is called upon. The Reiki session commences as I work my way down the body through hand positions. Crystals, wands, essential oils, and other tools are used to help with energy clearing and balancing. Afterwards, a fresh drink is served for its grounding and healing nature.

Insurance, cancellation policy, office hours and other logistics

Take Insurance?

Cancellation Policy:
I require a 24 hour cancellation notice.

Office hours/days of the week:
I am flexible when scheduling my Reiki sessions. Office hours are 9-12pm and 5-10pm Monday-Friday, and weekends and other hours are available upon request.

Articles By Urban Escape Healing

Tips For You By Urban Escape Healing

Sleep Issues and Dreams
SpiritualitySpirituality is such an over-arching term that can be very intimidating to people and allow them to feel like they aren’t doing enough in their life. It doesn’t have to be that way as we can treat each living thing as if they are part of each other and by carrying that throughout your life will allow you to look at situations differently and act in a spiritual and connected manner. Reiki energy can be compared to the same energy that one receives when they do yoga or meditate, that calming and energizing feeling and connection. By working on a physical, mental, and spiritual level through my sensory approach I like to de-mystify spirituality and remind people they can find it in a variety of ways and actions.
HeadacheMany times headaches do not directly stem from an issue in your head but can be emotional imbalances or our need to hold onto memories that aren’t allowing us to improve ourselves. Pain relievers are a “band-aid” approach as they don’t treat the symptoms that could be found through bodywork or a spiritual approach and bring us fleeting relief. In my practice of tapping you into a universal energy through hand positions and giving you things like fresh juice I am simply giving your body the power to heal itself. A healing vibration can come through countless day-to-day activities and this is why I try to reach every sense of the body.