Julie Murphy Casserly, JMC Wealth Management

Julie Murphy Casserly, JMC Wealth Management

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Build a financial plan based on your lifestyle and goals. If you have a drive for success and want the financial roadmap to go with it, JMC Wealth Management is an advocate committed to aligning your financial strategies with the lifestyle you deserve.


Services and products

Describe your services/product
Many people have financial assets in too many places, just as a closet may contain a collection of clothes, but not a wardrobe. We look at the areas that are not providing satisfaction in our clients’ lives and see how financial planning might relieve this unease.
The key is to get your life in alignment with your soul. We as Americans, corner ourselves into jobs we are not passionate about, financial unease, and lifestyles that do not support our souls. We assist clients to shift their financials to live a life with an abundance of financial freedom and wealth. Overall goal is to increase your quality of life.
Our services fall into two categories:
1. Personal and Business Planning:
* Retirement Planning
* Portfolio Planning
* Tax Planning
* College Planning
* Estate Planning
* Business Planning
* Insurance Planning
2. Implementation of your financial plan:
* 401k Rollovers
* Rebalancing Investment Portfolio
* Design your insurance products to fit your current needs
Connecting you with a strategic alliance of ours to fit your specific needs. For example, attorney, accountant, mortgage planner, professional organizer, etc.

Issues / Benefits

Presenting issues and problems or types of clients

People need our services when they have change occurring in their life, such as:
* Retiring
* Want/need a cohesive plan tailored to your personal life strategy
* Changing employers
* Receiving inheritance
* Planning for college funding
* Account consolidation and tracking

Who is an ideal Client?
From a geographic standpoint, JMC WEALTH MANAGEMENT has determined to focus their sales and marketing efforts on entrepreneurs and executives living or working in the Chicagoland area.
JMC Wealth Management defines the target audience they wish to reach as two groups:
* “Prudent Investors”
* Strategic Alliance Prospects who can serve as connectors to Prudent Investors
In addition, there may be prospects which represent both a Client and Strategic Alliance opportunity.
The ideal prospect:
* Entrepreneurial Minded
* Big Picture Thinkers
* Family Orientated
* Genuine
* Confident
* Courteous
* Know what they want, not necessarily how to get it, but willing to go for it!
* They know their own expertise and lean on experts to support them.
* Typically have invested assets over $500,000
* Annual income over $125,000
* Age range 50-65
A second category of high-potential prospect:
* Same type of individual as above, but 15 years earlier in their career.
* Invested assets between $100,000 – $500,000
* Annual income over $75,000
A second category of prospects are individuals who may or may not have both high-income or high wealth, but who, by virtue of their profession, have a trust-based relationship with individuals who do. We wish to develop additional strategic alliances/partnerships. These partnerships include:
* Attorneys (real estate, estate, leasing)
* Accountants/CPAs
* Real Estate Agents
* Mortgage Planners/Brokers
* Organizational Specialists
* 401k and Pension Specialists
* Employer Group Benefit Specialists
* Etc.

Benefits and results people see

Your life controls your finances.
Your financial plan is based on your lifestyle and goals.
You have a road map to go with your drive for success in life.
We help you Navigate Your Life.
You choose which direction your life goes…


Healing philosophy or mission

Uniqueness and what makes you good

Describe your style / approach
We ask different questions.
It’s not just asset management! It’s getting down to the real personal issues of what drives your soul.

What makes you different / good at what you do?
We help people synthesize their options!
I don’t come from wealth, and I had to learn how to build it. Nothing was handed to me. That’s one of the things I like about being an independent financial planner. You don’t build wealth by selling a particular line of products. You build wealth by helping your clients build and preserve their wealth.
I recognize that the financial and the personal are very much interwoven.
People can only stick with a plan if they face the emotions behind it. I don’t try to change people’s behavior, I try to understand the emotional basis for it.
Our clients tend to be self-made and entrepreneurial, but in many cases their financial holdings resemble a cluttered closet rather than a wardrobe. We help them sort out what they have and understand why they have it – the emotions behind the money. Only when we have done this together can they make the right choices for the future they really want.
My company, JMC Wealth Management has the following unique selling opportunities to leverage given this competitive data:
* JMC is an independent, wealth advisory firm, which enables JMC to position themselves as an impartial informational resource through educational events and the media.
* JMC is not “selling product” – and can leverage this distinction to convert clients to a new way of thinking about their finances.
* JMC is owned and operated by a female – sales style is sensitive to the holistic information and financial needs of the entire family
* JMC can serve as a voice of honor, ethics and wisdom in today’s increasingly crowded and confusing marketplace with so many newcomers and confusing certification/designations.

Why do you do what you do?
We have a passion to know the client.
We are warm, personable high-touch financial planning firm with tremendous expertise. We have a unique flexibility brought on by our independent status, which enables them to focus exclusively on our client’s best interest. We are designed to help the client develop quantifiable financial objectives that take client lifestyle choices and requirements into consideration, which are then used to develop specific short and long term financial strategies, and to manage the individual financial tools and vehicles selected to fulfill the strategies and achieve the objectives.

What else might someone want to know about you?
Love sailing/boating.
Love yoga.
Love traveling.
Love sports/athletics.
Wonderful husband, Bill.


Education and training

Bachelors Science in Finance University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign (1995)
MBA – University of Notre Dame (2005)
CLU – Certified Life Underwriter – The American College (2000)
ChFC – Chartered Financial Consultant – The American College (2001)
CFP® – Certified Financial Planner (2005)

Award Winning Author of, The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth from the Inside Out. (2008)
Athena International Award Nominee, Based on Excellence, Creativity, and Initiative (2006)
Women’s Business Development Center – Currently teaching existing women business owners the next level of their business and personal goals.
Was voted as “A Woman to Watch” by Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine (March 2001)


Appointment length and fee range

How long is a typical session?
Our first interview with a client is, fittingly, called the “discovery interview.” This is where we spend about 90 minutes taking a financial history, looking not just at what investments and insurance you have but also why you picked them.

What is your fee range / product cost?
Financial Plan complexity generally falls within the following 3 categories, most closely aligned with the age group of the client, although younger clients may present complicated financial interests and older clients may well be presenting an initial level of financial planning needs.

$300-$1200: Financial Plans for beginners in wealth management : These clients are generally younger persons, often in their 20′s, who have just begun their careers and are considering goals such as future home purchases, educational debt repayments, and suitable savings and investment strategies to build a good financial base.
$1200-$3500: Financial Plans for persons, often in their 30′s- 40′s, who have achieved some degree of greater wealth accumulation, need to plan for funding their children’s’ education and with possibly more involved insurance or mortgage needs.
$3500 – $7000: Financial Plans for generally older persons, 50 and up, considering pre-retirement or retirement planning, estate planning including wealth distribution considerations and tax planning, second-homes and long-term care options.

Typical session and how to prepare:

Describe a typical engagement/product or how your service/product works
Product/Services – We provide independent wealth advisory services to assist clients in the development of comprehensive personal and business financial plans. We implement services in the procurement and management of the asset mix, and advisory services regarding insurance, annuities, investments, mortgage, finance related legal and accounting services.
Our first interview with a client is, fittingly, called the “discovery interview.” This is where we spend about 90 minutes taking a financial history, looking not just at what investments and insurance you have but also why you picked them.
We try to see what is really important to you and how your current holdings might or might not be helping you toward that goal. When would you really like to retire? What life style is really necessary for you? What will it take to provide for your children’s college education?
Once we have this picture of where you are now and where you wish to head, we can draw a map of your financial situation. We think in short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term timelines. We assess your possible need for short-term cash and you r willingness to accept risk in hope of potential future gains. When we have completed it, usually in about two weeks, we ask you to return to discuss it. We want you to feel free to react but do not want you to make any commitments. Your decisions need to be made in the least pressured atmosphere possible.
At the third meeting, we are ready to discuss your reactions to the financial road map, make any changes you need and move toward the implementation process: Selecting and purchasing the products needed to complete your portfolio.

How should someone prepare to work with you?
We have a list that we can email to a potential client of documents needed.
Some examples that may be needed:
* Last 2 years tax returns
* Investment Statements
* Insurance Policies
* Legal Documents
* Any other documents that pertain to your financials.

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