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Dr. Joseph Lee, LAc

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If you have been diagnosed by Your Doctor with many problems, Let TCM Help yu balance your Qi And Xue to regain longer, healthier and happier life. Keep your body and soul healthy, so that you can afford to abuse it once in a while!!!


Services and products

Provide Traditional Chinese medicines: Acupuncture, Acupressure, Herbal Medicine, and Qi Gong

How does your healing modality work?
All modalities assist our body to achieved physical and mental equilibrium by balancing individual’s Ying/Yang, blood circulation and Qi (Energy Force).
Acupuncture: utilizing Acupuncture needle(s) applied to specific acupuncture point(s) on one’s body to stimulate one’s Qi (energy forces) along each person’s “Meridian or Energy Route” so as to increase or decrease the Qi.
Acupressure: application of measured pressure along the Energy Route (Meridian) to effect the desired results.
Herbal medicine: Measured Herbal remedies to interact with one’s Qi and energy forces so as to assist the targeted human organ(s) to perform and function efficiently and in harmony with each other.
Qi Gong: the philosophy and practice of transference of Qi between the doctor and the patient’s to harmonize the body’s energies and life forces.

How do you see your services evolving over the next three years?
Provide seminars and lectures to aid, educate and inform the public.

Issues / Benefits

Presenting issues and problems or types of clients

Why do people come to see you?
Most individuals have not obtained any relief or benefits from their current ailments through conventional medicines. Patient referrals have prompted most of my newest patients.

Who is an ideal client?
Individual who are willing to try a holistic approach, change their current life style to harmonize the elements in their world and live a healthier and happier life.

Benefits and results people see

By balancing and harmonizing the body’s life forces, we can relieve and possibly eliminate illness, pain, fever, diarrhea, … etc and allow an individual to live a more productive and healthier life.


Healing philosophy or mission

1. TCM is a philosophy, a Way of Life,
2. We help the body restore its ability to heal itself. It is not merely the herbs or the needles or physical therapies that cures a disease. We provide a lifestyle, which harmonize an individual so that their internal systems, body and organs combined with outside forces improve its overall processing efficiency. This obtains a balance Qi, which leads to a better and healthier lifestyle.
3. Fu Zheng Qu Xie
Help the Immune System Attack the Disease (Bacterial, virus, cancer, etc) Support right and dispel evil -depend on the condition of the patient to set priority to improved the immune system or to attack the viral infections or both simultaneously.

Uniqueness and what makes you good

Describe your style or approach:
1. Slow but sure approach (bottom line to do no Harm)
2. From light to heavy (pressure, dosage)
3. Intrusive procedure as a last resort

What makes you different/good at what you do?
With a holistic approach to the problem, time is spent with the patient going through the entire individual’s Qi. A balancing of an individual’s Qi & Blood is the root of curing the individual’s illness. The individual’s current complaints are merely a result of their unbalanced Qi & Blood. Relieving the symptom in the immediate period does not eliminate the underlying cause of the symptoms. I combined the four modality of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) instead of just one method to obtain the body’s harmonization.

Why do you do what you do?
1. I come from 7th generation of Chinese medicine; It is a mission to carry on.
2. I enjoy the work, the challenge and delight in the ability to bring relief for individual suffering.

What else might someone want to know about you?
If you are sick of getting sick come make an appointment and get better.


Education and training

I come from 7 generation of TCM practitioners. My father trained me in TCM very early.
Years Professionally Practicing:
Have been trained and practiced for over 50 years.

Have taught at the College Of Dupage, also lecturing at various other medical schools.


Appointment length and fee range

How long is a typical session?
First session from 45 min. to 11/2Hr (taking as long as needed to complete the treatment).

Fee Range
First office visits $90, succeeding office Visits $60, Herbs $2 to $5 per type per day, Acupuncture $60 Plus Disposable Needle at cost.

Typical session and how to prepare:

Describe a typical session:
Employs four diagnostic methods including observation, palpitation taken, discussion, balancing (using Acupuncture, Acupressure, Qi Gong, Herbs).

How should someone prepare for a session?
Describe and write down everything concerning your problem, as thorough as you can remember, whether it is related to your major ailment or not. Write all medication and diets currently taken. Detail the progression of ailment to date. Do not brush your tongue.

Insurance, cancellation policy, office hours and other logistics

Take Insurance?
As of now insurance does not cover TCM

Cancellation Policy?
24 Hr pre-cancellation notice.

Office hours/days of the week:
Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM, Sat 9:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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