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Food Sensitivities, Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia are common success stories for us.Our most common success stories include lifestyle / nutritional change, food intolerances, inflammatory and digestive conditions.
Team: Dr. Kristen (Bobik) Halland, Dr. Christopher Codina, Madelaine Dickinson RD, Rosalie Alvarez LMT


Services and products

Acupuncture, Food Sensitivity Testing, Nutritional/Supplement Consultations, Low Force Chiropractic care, Massage Therapy

Food Sensitivities / Nutrition: A person with Food Sensitivities typically experiences digestive symptoms (constipation, stomach pain, diarrhea, diagnosis of IBS), fatigue, inability to lose weight, headaches or sinus problems. People see me for this because I use the gold standard of testing and I personally include follow up support after you receive your results. I am assisted with Nutritoinal Counseling by my Integrative Nutritionist, Madelaine.

Pain: Acupuncture excels at pain relief – in fact, most of it’s research is based on low back pain. A good candidate for care may have low back pain, headaches, neck/shoulder discomfort, or joint pain.

Arthritis/ Fibromyalgia: I love treating these conditions because I suffered from an arthritic condition myself, and saw incredible and complete resolution of my arthritis pain with the strategies I now practice!

Wellness: Working with practice members on wellness is rewarding because they are really taking their health to the next level. Health is the body’s ability to function at one hundred percent (energetically, physically, emotionally, nutritionally, etc.). During wellness care, these practice members have little to no symptoms or health concerns. They desire to prevent any future health problems from occurring or re-occurring.

Issues / Benefits

Presenting issues and problems or types of clients

An ideal practice member is anyone that is open minded and committed to themselves enough to take the next step in their health, whatever that may mean to them. Our doctors and providers only offer natural solutions - not drugs or surgery.


Education and training

Doctor of Chiropractic Degree – Palmer College of Chiropractic
Acupuncture (Board Certified & Diplomat status) – National University of Health Sciences
Certified in First Line Therapy & Healthy Transformations
Certified in various other Acupuncture techniques including Facial Rejuvenation


Appointment length and fee range

Here's the general process we utilize at our office....

Step 1) If you choose to, you may take advantage of a complimentary 15 minute "FIT" Consultation with our Integrative Nutritionist Madelaine where you'll meet, see our office, share your goals for your health, and hear how our office can support you.

Step 2) At your Initial Evaluation, Dr. Kristen will spend 30-45 minutes with you. We'll learn about your health history, listen to your goals, ask follow up questions, and if necessary will order or perform further testing. One of her favorite questions to ask is "what does success look like for you here?"

The cost of an Initial Evalution ranges $85 - $180 for non-insurance patients, and for insurance patients is typically covered at 100% (or perhaps you'd owe your co-pay at the time of the visit).

Step 3) Depending on the nature of your appointment, you may need to meet with Dr. Kristen again a few days later to discuss any labs, data or imaging that may have been performed or that she needed to review.

Dr. Kristen will present options for treatment plans that are non-surgical/non-pharmaceutical, specific and personalized to achieve your goals. Approximately 85% of people will be the right candidates for care in our office, and she will refer to other health professionals as necessary.

At this time, one of our amazing team members at the front desk will give you a handout with all major service costs of the office so you'll have that information up front without surprises! If you utilize an insurance carrier, the expected coverage will also be provided on that form.

Joan and Leslie will be your resource to ask insurance/financial questions, scheduling, nutrititional orders, and more.

Step 4) The fun begins! Each person's plan is personalized, and there's no time like the present!

Step 5) Dependant upon your unique plan, a re-evaluation with the Doctor will occur between 2 - 6 weeks later so we can both assess your progress.

Typical session and how to prepare:

Come as you are!

But if possible, here are some suggestions on how to prepare for the FIRST VISIT:

Bring (or have faxed to us) any relevant and recent (in the last 12 months) testing you've had.

For nutritional patients: please drink adequate fluid and avoid strenous exercise that same morning as it may affect test results of a simple bio-marker evaluation we may perform in-office.

For Structural (bones, tissues, joints) patients: you may be more comfortable if you wear relaxed clothing to move around in during our functional evaluation.

Insurance, cancellation policy, office hours and other logistics

We do accept all major Insurance Carriers and are in-network with BCBS and Aetna. Your expected "patient responsibility" portion of payment is due at the time service is rendered.

Our Fall 2015 Hours are:
Mondays 9am-6pm
Tuesdays 8am-1pm
Wednesdays 1pm-6pm
Thursdays 9am-7pm

Visit our website for online appointment requests or call 847-310-0303 for further questions.

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