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I believe Holistic Dentistry involves an awareness of the entire person. My office is designed to see one patient at a time. You will receive all my attention as I investigate your whole system and offer comprehensive, integrative healing. I will help you achieve optimum health in all aspects of you life.


Services and products

Describe your services:
Holistic Dental Care, utilizing Dental Bio Compatibility and including but not limited to basic fillings, crown and bridge work, dentures and partials dentures, non-surgical gum therapy, children's dental care, and adult and children's braces. As part of our Holistic dental practice, craniosacral therapy, massage, reiki, dental homeopathy and custom designed toothpaste and mouthwash using medicinal-grade essential oils are also offered for your specific medical and dental needs.

How does your healing modality work?
I approach everything from a fully integrative direction. I never just address one symptom, but instead step back and find the primary reason you are expressing a symptom in order to eliminate it. Structural instabilities within your body can be reflected dentally. Sometimes dental matters aren't of dental origin and can be structurally or systemically induced.

How do you see your services evolving over the next three years?
Networking & teaching are a major focus of my practice. My fully integrative, full-service dental practice will continue to evolve. I wish to create web casts & recordings for my patients. I intend on spending more time teaching to professional peers or teaching my patients to become their own family's doctor. I hope to create a broad network connecting professionals to professionals and patients to professionals for all their special needs.

Issues / Benefits

Presenting issues and problems or types of clients

Why do people come to see you?
They know I'm going to take my time with them. I will investigate their entire system, including the dental or medical issue they're having. If I don't form the service they require, I know someone with the necessary expertise. Patients know I care and have a huge amount of trust in my services and advice.

Who is an ideal client?
Anyone who truly wants to achieve optimum health in every aspect of their life. Even someone who doesn't know what that is or what they need/want is still a great client because of the knowledge and resources I have to help them discover optimum health.

Benefits and results people see

Because my office is designed to work with one patient at a time, you get all of my attention and energy. You are not spread out amongst other patients. Treatment is absolute and focused on you. Dental-phobics are no longer dental-phobics. Chronic illnesses are addressed in a way that the patient receives a more comprehensive, integrative healing response then if they were to just address a specific medical illness in traditional ways. I look at the system so wholistically that some patients come to me for one thing and in the process, several medical issues will be corrected as a result of your care.


Healing philosophy or mission

I believe that holistic dentistry involves an awareness of dental care as it relates to the entire person. When a person has a systemic illness, some of the symptoms are expressed in the mouth before they are expressed anywhere else. In the same way, that affects the body. Because of this, I must treat the mouth as the body and therefore treat the person as a whole.

Uniqueness and what makes you good

Describe your style or approach:
Approachable, calm, resourced individual. I practice staying very grounded and clear. Treat each individual with a great deal of respect, and treat their medical and dental concerns in the same way. I hold space for more than one way to get from point A to point B. I will research as many options as I can so we can design the treatment in a way that we both feel good about.

What makes you different/good at what you do?
Because I love it. I'm living my dharma. I'm living what I do with a great, deep passion.

Why do you do what you do?
Because I love it and feel like it's a greatly needed service in a world of tests and treating people as a number.

What else might someone want to know about you?
I have developed long-standing relationships with patients, by nature of who I am and the way I view Holistic Dental Health.


Education and training

illsaps College in Jackson , Mississippi
Washington University Dental School in St. Louis , MO
Advanced Dental Residency at the Pierre Fouchard Academy
Dental Homeopathy, National Dental Homeopathic Seminars
Craniosacral Degree from American Energy Therapies Boston , MA
Advanced Craniosacral Therapy trainings from Karlton Terry, James Jealous, DO, and Viola Fryman, DO through the Osteopathic Center for Children in San Diego, CA
TMJ Institute
James Advanced Orthodontic/Craniosacral Training from Dr. James Jecman, DDS
Second Degree Reiki Mastership from MSI in Evanston

I have my own toothpaste line free of additives, preservatives, fluoride or detergents.
Featured on Channel 7 News, Today's Chicago Woman, The Chicago Tribune, The Sun Times, Illinois Dental Journal and various radio programs.


Appointment length and fee range

How long is a typical session?
Children's Craniosacral: 20-30 minutes. Sometimes craniosacral is done in the dental chair at same appointment during Orthodontic treatment.
Craniosacral and Massage: anywhere from 30-1hr.

Fee Range
Fees dependant on service; contact our office for more information.

Typical session and how to prepare:

Describe a typical session:
Each session depends on the individual's needs. It's up to the person.

How should someone prepare for a session?
Come in comfortable clothing. Your treatment starts with the first phone contact, engaging us in a relationship.

Insurance, cancellation policy, office hours and other logistics

Take Insurance?
Our office accepts and will submit all claims if your plan allows you to see a dentist of your choice. Payments will include annual deductibles and your % of the procedure at the time of services. After 30 days you are responsible for your account balance. For procedures requiring lab fees, payment is expected in full before the procedure is completed. Orthodontic and extensive craniosacral care is done under a contract for monthly payments. We also offer financing through Capital One Healthcare.

Cancellation Policy?
We require 24 hr notice.

Office hours/days of the week:
Tuesday through Thursday 9 am - 5pm.
Evening hours Monday through Thursday.
If you are traveling from out of the state for an appt, we can make arrangements for a Friday or Saturday. Weekend appointments are possible for very specific reasons. We also have a 24 hr emergency number, and will take care of emergency dental needs if we can.

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