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Integrative Medicine

Holistic health care that utilizes both conventional and alternative therapies to seek the root cause of medical issues and restore the body to optimum health through patient participation and natural, minimally-invasive methods.


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Integrative medicine is when a practitioner utilizes a combination of traditional and non-traditional healing methods in the treatment of their clients. Non-traditional healing may include a variety of both holistic and alternative therapies.

The main difference in integrative medicine is that practitioners consider the mind-body-spirit connection and view the patient as a whole, rather than focusing simply on the individual ailment or illness in question, thereby aiming to address the illness through a full approach to treatment that takes into account not only the pain and suffering caused by the illness, but also how the person responds to pain, what their environment and lifestyle are like, their individual likes & dislikes etc.

This enables practitioners to treat the ‘whole’ person, and as a result often has greater benefits to the individual, with long lasting benefits.