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Pioneer Press - May 1, was featured as a local health resource.

sites/default/files/defaults/No-Image-Available_articles.png energy enhancing food tips for your kids

Pioneer Press – August 2007<Send your kids back to school with memory, attention and energy enhancing food tips from Chicago Healers Practitioner, Dr. Melody Hart, N.D.. Read these helpful tips in the Northshore Pioneer Press issues the week of August 20th.

sites/default/files/defaults/No-Image-Available_articles.png Preventing and Treating Gum Disease

Pioneer Press – January 2008Chicago Healers proudly begins a regular health and wellbeing column in the north shore Pioneer Press newspapers. This month, Holistic Dentist, Dr. John Rothchild, DDS publishes an article about Preventing and Treating Gum DiseaseLink:,on-healers-010308-s1.article

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Pioneer Press - July 17, was included in a story that ran in the Home & Design section called Restoration of Spirit Project by Sue Barranco, Pioneer Press staff reporter.Article Summary: "The preview reception for the Restoration of Spirit Showhouse will feature performances by duo pianists, as well as complimentary readings, chair massages, and other relaxation techniques provided by"

sites/default/files/defaults/No-Image-Available_articles.png Aromatherapy

Pioneer Press, Arlington Heights – May 2008Chicago Healers Practitioner Dr. Jennifer Echert is interviewed for a story on Aromatherapy.

sites/default/files/defaults/No-Image-Available_articles.png affect of commercial advertising on our children

Pioneer Press – February 7th, 2008Chicago Healers Practitioner and Psychotherapist, Dr. Melissa Perrin, LCW appears in the Pioneer Press Northshore, with an article addressing the affect of commercial advertising on our children. Branding our Children: Commercialism. Advertising and Our Children. Link:,on-healers-020708-s1.article