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sites/default/files/category_pictures/reader.png Learn Hawaiian Healing Techniques to Empower Kids

Chicago Reader - October 10, 2003Bernadette Doran of was interviewed for a story that ran in the TRF Datebook Sidebar called Aloha! You're Healed! by Deanna Isaacs, Chicago Reader staff reporter. Article Summary: "...Learn Hawaiian Healing Techniques to Empower Kids, is intended to show teachers and students how to tap into "loving aloha energy" and "the amazing power of the mind-body connection," but is open to all. It's the kickoff event in the "Master Your Life" series of free monthly workshops sponsored by and Borders Books & Music. It starts at 11 AM on Saturday, October 11, at Borders, 49 S. Waukegan in Deerfield . Call 847-559-1999 for more information...."

sites/default/files/category_pictures/reader.png Massages for Blood Donations

Chicago Reader - January 2009Ian Wahl on Massages for Blood Donations.