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sites/default/files/defaults/No-Image-Available_articles.png keeping schools a healthy and safe environment

Herald News, Chicago – September 5, 2007Chicago Healers Practitioner and Wellness Consultant, Sharon Weinstein, R.N. is interviewed on keeping schools a healthy and safe environment.

sites/default/files/defaults/No-Image-Available_articles.png unsweetened cranberry juice

The Herald News - Nov 2005"There is no research that a cup of cranberry a day keeps the doctor away ... (And) I haven't found anything about just eating cranberry sauce. But for giving health benefits, taking unsweetened cranberry juice (with other cranberry products) is the way to go," said Alyce Sorokie, a practitioner at, a Web-based resource for alternative...Link:

sites/default/files/defaults/No-Image-Available_articles.png Allergies in the Home

The Herald News &– May 2008Dr. Martha Howard’s “Allergies in the Home” article appeared in the newspaper and on the website.