As a community we share a deep seeded desire to exist more in LOVE, JOY, and ONENESS. Unfortunately we lose sight of his beautiful intention and replace it with negative thoughts and reactions to one another. For example, when we are in traffic, we become so uncomfortable and fixated on being released from the traffic that we forget to even think that possibly we are exactly where we need to be in this moment. Maybe our LOVE and ONENESS is needed in this area of the world or maybe the person stuck in traffic next to you needs your LOVE and ONENESS. What a moment where someone yells at you or makes you angry, for the most part we focus on defending ourselves and reacting. We forget to see the pain in the other person or accept that maybe we needed this experience for a deeper purpose we are not yet aware of.

I challenge you that next time you are in an uncomfortable situation, for example: stuck in traffic, late for an appointment, in an argument, or mistreated; STOP and allow yourself to drop into the uncomfortable feelings and send LOVE and ONENESS to the person(s) and situation and watch the transformation take place.

After practicing this more and more, you will notice and understand that each moment is perfect. Exactly where you are and what you are experiencing is exactly what you need (even if it doesn’t feel so good). You will begin to notice the feeling of peace inside yourself growing and expanding to new levels and LOVE radiating from every cell of your being. You will notice that even when a person cuts you off when you are driving or when a friend mistreats you, that all you have for them is LOVE; you no longer feel the need to defend or react in negatively.

Your actions of embracing and radiating LOVE and ONENESS will not only shift your life, the lives of others around you, but also the collective consciousness. Always send LOVE and you will always receive LOVE.
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