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…expand like Eagle wings.

…hold me like a Cockatoo.

…nurture me like a Snow Owl.

LOVE; it nurtures, it holds, and it expands.

Who are they? How did we cross paths? Why do they love me?

LOVE attracts LOVE.

…they expand when I am growing.

…they hold me when I am in pain.

…they nurture me when I am soft.

My sacred circle; they nurture me, they hold me, they expand with me.

They love me because love attracts love.

We crossed paths because we were meant to reconnect again in this life.

They are my sacred circle.

…spiritual love

…self love

…external love

I receive all of it.

I wear a beautiful heart pendant on my neck to remind me of what LOVE is.

This is dedicated to Heather Knies, the Beautiful Soul and Artist who created and gifted me the heart pendant that is showing me the way back to my heart. Click here to explore Heather’s amazing jewelry

Written with Love, Dana Massat