1. Eggs: All of our sex hormones, all of our stress hormones, all of the insulation that wraps around our nerves, and 75% of the weight of our brains is made from, drum roll please, – Cholesterol! Cholesterol is so important that if you don’t eat enough of it, your body will generate its own to make up the difference. This is why Statin drugs work. They cause inflammation in the liver which interrupts the body’s ability to make its own cholesterol. This is why you need to have your blood checked for liver problems while taking a Statin drug. But, wait a minute, I thought that cholesterol caused clogged arteries and heart disease? Well… not so much. 50% of people who get heart attacks have low cholesterol. Many studies involving thousands of subjects have been unable to find any correlation between cholesterol and heart disease. One study of 8000 people actually showed that low cholesterol levels were linked with early death! Thinking that cholesterol causes clogged arteries is like thinking that Firemen cause fires. After all, the bigger the fire, the more Firemen there are, right? If cholesterol had anything to do with heart disease, you would think that 30 years of Statin drug use ( to the tune of 30 billion dollars a year) and 30 years of Fat-Free diets would have made a significant dent in the prevalence of heart disease. Guess again. Heart disease has INCREASED every year since 1980. Additionally, our mad rush to drive cholesterol into the gutter for the last 30 years has been accompanied by the INCREASE in the occurrence of Erectile Dysfunction, Alzheimer’s Disease, extreme Hot Flushes of menopause, and increased menopausal symptoms in general. Testosterone – what the body needs to give men an erection, is made from Cholesterol. So if you don’t have enough cholesterol, you won’t have enough testosterone, and won’t get an erection. All of the insulation around your nerves and 75% of your brains weight is composed of cholesterol. If you are on a fat free diet and keep your cholesterol artificially low with drugs, are you surprised if your brain dries up? In the same time frame that we have been Statin drug crazy, Alzheimer’s disease has risen from the 6th to the 4th most prevalent disease. Gee, I wonder if there’s a connection…
2. Butter: See #1 above – same reason.
3. Rare Meat: See # 1 above – same reason. Additionally, when red meat is cooked “well-done,” chemicals called “Heterocyclic amines” are created. They are carcinogenic. This is why you should only eat meat rare or medium rare only. Nuff said!
4. Salt: One of the greatest urban myths of recent months is the (false) belief that salt is a bad thing. Too much salt – yes, this is a bad thing (and not so easy to do). Not enough salt is much more dangerous than too much salt however, and is completely overlooked by medical professionals who have no training nor clinical experience with applied medical nutrition. Salt your food to taste and you will be fine. If you develop swelling or edema in your extremities, this is not caused by salt – it is caused by not enough protein in your blood stream. Low protein in the blood reverses the osmotic gradient and sucks water out of the blood stream into the surrounding tissue. If you have too little protein in your blood you are either not eating enough protein, or you are not absorbing the protein that you are eating. Faulty absorption issues are caused by, among other things - not enough salt!!!
5. Acai berries: The cultures that have the longest life spans in the world are all dirt poor, have no health care, no medical doctors, and no hospitals. One of things that they have accidentally stumbled upon to assist in their healthy longevity is the consumption of food and/or drinks that are extremely high in ORAC value. ORAC is an acronym that stands for: Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity. It is the measurement of the anti-oxidant activity of any given food. Modern Americans consume approximately 1500 ORAC points a day. The members of long lived cultures consume 20,000 ORAC points a day. This is one of their keys to longevity (there are 4 more – to find out what they are, visit Dr Glidden’s website: Acai berries are very high in ORAC value, with 3 oz giving approximately 100,000 ORAC!
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