Confusion is the place that exists around the eye of the storm. The eye of the storm is the calmest and most peaceful place to sit and just be. The confusion surrounds the eye of the storm and usually prevents and halts people from ever reaching that peaceful place. The confusion feels so intense and overwhelming that it keeps the person stuck in the confusion state for long periods of time. People fear confusion and think that if they give into the state of “confusion” it will over-take their being and they will be debilitated by the confusion. The reality is, if you let go and drop into the state of “confusion”, you will release it quite quickly and return back to the state of peacefulness and clarity.

How to release confusion:

BREATHE! Confusion is a symptom of many thoughts rushing into your mind all at once. Take the time to breathe and release the thoughts, which will then allow you to feel more peace in your being. With each breath you take, feel the thoughts leaving and peace entering your being. Before you know it, the thoughts will disappear completely and you will be sitting in the eye of the storm. With no thoughts to distract you, you will be enjoying the peacefulness and calmness of just being.

As you sit in the eye of the storm, clarity will set in and creative solutions will enter in your consciousness. The confusion was blocking the flow of your clarity and now that you are sitting in peacefulness, you are taken over by complete clarity and a strong sense of knowing.
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