The Significance Of Birth Order

The ancients have always said, “know thyself.” One way to understand ourselves is to study our family and birth order. Birth sequence is significant because it reveals a person’s strengths, challenges and overall influences. There are many different birth order studies available. The information in this article comes from the research done by Denny Johnson.
The first step in this process is to determine your sequence. The father determines the birth sequence, so you need to determine where you fall within his lineage. For example, if your father had a son first, and then you were born next (a boy) you would be considered the 2nd born boy. The fist born determines the gender sequence, so if a girl is the first child born, everyone after that, even a boy, will be in the girl lineage. If a boy is born after the first girl, he will possess qualities of the 2nd born girl.

However, when there is a gender change, that child also will have secondary characteristics. In the above example, the boy born after a girl would be considered girl #2, with secondary characteristics of boy #1 (since he was the first boy born.)
Once you have determined your correct birth sequence, you then simply read about the qualities of your birth order. I recommend “The Birth Order Book” by Denny Johnson, or “Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find your Life Purpose” by Kathryn Andries. Here you will learn how each position influences a person.
How does it serve us to learn about our birth order influences? Basically, the more you know yourself, the more chances you have at being successful in life. When you buy a new car, if you read the owner’s manual, you will be better prepared to drive your car. Birth order information can save you time, energy, and repeated lessons in life. If you know your weaknesses, you can master them with awareness. When you know your potential strengths, you can focus on developing those, and then find careers that will showcase them.
Birth order information can also help improve familial relationships. When we know the birth order of our parents and siblings, we can understand why they act the way they do. Then, rather than trying to change them, we can recognize their uniqueness and appreciate their differences. We can also learn how to treat them in ways that creates harmony rather than conflict.
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