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Connection is made, energy is exchanged.

Such a unique and familiar feeling devours my being, reminding me that love is real and that instant connections are real.

As I recall the moments my heart was ripped to shreds in the past, realizing how heavy the pain was, so heavy it repressed the memories of the deep love and connection we shared.

Moments following my broken heart, new love tried to sneak in through the small cracks that were scattered all over my heart. Nothing was powerful enough to get through and mend the damage of my broken heart.

Finally my soul pushed me to the cliff and allowed everything to break away and something deep inside me shifted and my heart opened to a new level.

I entered his energy, allowed him to connect with me, looked into his eyes, allowed him to come closer to me, and then we held each other with love.

After this moment I was taken over by the understanding that connection and allowing is what heals. The journey to the heart, or back to the heart is one of connection, relationship, trust and allowing. You will meet people on your journey who may only appear for a short moment, but who is there to assist in your healing.

After this experience I looked behind me and noticed I was mistaking good communication, behavior, and companionship for deep love and connection. I realized that connection is an energy that is share subconsciously between two people and is not something you can create in the conscious; because it starts in the subconscious.

In Gratitude

Dana Massat