Money, status, and conformation were created to separate us and pull us further away from the Divine path of ONENESS. Creating a separation and duality on Mother Earth and separating us from God. Taking God out of us and placing God above us, thus creating the idea that God is unattainable and no longer of us. Thus believing that people and God are separate, adding more to the duality on Mother Earth. The truth is God is us, God is man and woman, we are all the same and that is the path of ONENESS. We share the same Divine essence; we all have the power to fully awaken the God inside of us by awakening our divinity.

It’s time to stop creating duality and separation. We desperately need to return to our Divine essence, our ONENESS. We need to work together as a community to fulfill the Divine calling. Working together in ONENESS will create more divine and positive energy that will allow us to quickly fulfill our Divine journey, our work on this human plane. Working in separation and duality is more work, and we waste much of our energy. We work against the Divine flow, slowing our process and manifestations, because we are working from impure intentions.

In separation we are competing, focusing on status and what we can get out of the situation. In ONENESS, your intention is pure Divine service and community. Everyone shares the same intention, thus creating abundance for ALL. We are all ONE, we are all the same. My abundance is yours, your abundance is mine. If you intention is stealing an abundance from another or holding tight onto your abundance, you are not in ONENESS. Holding tight or stealing abundance from another is from fear, selfishness, and greed. You are actually holding tight and stealing from yourself, from God.

In ONENESS, you know and feel your abundance is meant for ALL, for your community. For your neighbor is you, your neighbor is God.
ONENESS is the act of letting go of the physical and connecting and aligning with pure energy. Realizing we share the same energy. Focusing on the physical invites more low vibrational frequencies into your body. Focusing on the pure energy allows more light and high vibrational frequencies to flow through you and all.

How to focus on high vibration:

Exist in high vibrational feelings and emotions. Joy and Love are the highest vibration. Send these feelings to everyone.
Allow the low vibrational feelings and emotions to pass through quickly and transform into the light. Once you have awakened your Divinity and entered into Ascension, you have no need to fester in low vibration. Yes you will experience low vibrational feelings because we are in physical form, but you don’t need to stew in those feelings for long periods. Experience the low vibrational feelings, learn your lessons, let go, and return to joy and love.

Look upon one another as if you were looking at you. This is true, you are looking at you. You are God, and you are looking at God.

ONENESS is fueled by unconditional love and light. If you fester in any feelings or thoughts that do not vibrate to unconditional love and light, you are choosing to descend your vibration, descend God’s vibration.
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