According to Dr. Elaine Aron, Highly Sensitive Children, are easily overstimulated and require informed parenting in order to prevent temper tantrums, stress illnesses and the avoidance of pleasurable group activities.
Changes in life are very hard on Highly Sensitive Children. The beginning of a new semester, especially if they are moving on to new schools, can be extremely difficult for them. If you throw in moving of the family residence, it is even harder. Make sure your children meet their new teachers before school starts. Let them know which one of their old friends are going to the same school.

Please also listen to your kids during this difficult time, especially if they mention some new kids at school who are giving them a hard time. Stay on top of things so you can inform teachers of problems soon after such problems occur. You can never be too careful when dealing with sensitive children. This type of stress can turn them against schooling for a long time—something no parent would like to happen.

There are other things you can do to strengthen your kids’ character, such as karate and sports. Holistic therapies for emotional stress include flower essences (such as Bach or Australian flower essences), homeopathic remedies that support the heart and kidney meridians, and Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique. It is also helpful to provide your kids with another community other than school, such as church youth groups, park district sports teams or scout groups. These communities give the kids extra identity and confidence, so they don’t feel being totally defined by who they are in school.

Back to school time is also time for more vaccines for your children. Please do your own research to make informed decisions. Highly Sensitive Children are much more likely to have adverse reactions to any kind of medication, including vaccines. Delay them to an older age when the neurological and immune systems are well-developed would help your children avoid heavy damages by vaccination. More importantly, get the kids check out structurally by their osteopathic doctors or chiropractors. Sound structure will help to insure their body’s natural detoxification system work properly, so they are less likely affected by germs in school.

Highly Sensitive Children are more likely affected by artificial ingredients. If you pack their school lunches and snacks, make sure to give them foods with less sugar, additives, artificial coloring and preservatives. This will ensure they have good concentration in class.

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