Not able to sit still, trying to consume yourself with distractions and your busy mind; pulling yourself further away from your emotions that are trying to show themselves to you and release.

Your body is telling you, “Be still my child and feel me.”
Your mind is telling you, “ESCAPE, DANGER!!”
Your heart is telling you, “I am here, I will hold you through this and comfort you.”
Your soul/spirit is telling you, “Trust me, I AM Divine, God is here in this moment.”

Wanting to escape is a natural human instinct and in some instances it protects us from physical danger. But what about the times we are not in physical danger and we feel that intense sensation (usually coming from our mind) to Escape; what are we to do?

Why does our mind tell us to Escape when we are not in danger?
Typically it is because you are feeling uncomfortable”
• You are growing
• You are releasing old belief systems and still integrating with the “new belief systems”
• Emotions are rising up to the surface to release to continue your Ascension

My experience with wanting to Escape and what happened when I turned inward to my Divine-self
My anxiety was high and I was holding my breath; I couldn’t sit still and I wanted to live my home, but there was no place to go, even the outdoors was not appealing because of the dead grass that surrounded my home. I was panicking and I could no longer run away from myself, all I could do was sit on the couch and turn inward. I wanted so badly to reach out to one of my friends for comfort, as I have done in the past, but I knew that seeking true comfort was done by turning inward and allowing my Divine-self to heal me.

I sat on the couch and focused on taking full breaths and evoking my Divine-self. We all are DIVINE, we all carry the God essence and the Almighty power of the “I AM”, thus we can call upon our Divine power anytime for assistance (healing, guidance, and etc). I could feel my Divine-self awakening and what I saw and felt was this golden light filling my entire physical body. Breathing felt so hard and all I wanted to do was contract and hold my breath. After a couple minutes, breathing became easy and the emotions started to come to the surface. My mind wanted to take control and create stories and attach people to my emotions. When I felt my mind trying to take over I let go of my thoughts and I came back to the imagery of Divine filling up my body with the golden light.

The emotions were ready to be released and I felt pain rising; and then the tears started. It was a new experience for me to allow myself to cry and not need to distract or resist the process by attaching a story or a person to my pain. I just allowed the pain to release and I didn’t have to explore the “exact emotion” or where it originated from. I noticed in this moment that the emotion released much more easily from my body when I just sat with myself, quieted my mind, evoked my Divine, and focused on taking full breaths. What I typically used to do when I would feel an emotion rising to the surface to release is I would immediately go to my mind and explore where the pain started from (the person or situation). What I noticed I, doing so actually disconnected me from the emotion that was trying to release, thus the emotion never was released.

There is no need to place a story or a person on your emotions, all you need to do is BREATH, be still, evoke your Divine, and allow yourself to feel the uncomfortable feelings. Observe your emotions and allow yourself to flow with them and enjoy the release!

Channeled Writing by Dana Massat
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