Onions benefit colds and flu by sulphur compounds and vitamin C plus quercitin, being the most active ingredient. Sulphur is what gives the onions the pungent aroma as well as the health promoting benefits, even antimicrobial properties. The sulphur content in onions is not as high as garlic, about one fourth the amounts. The high vitamin C content is what gives the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A recommended dosage would be 2 to 3 onions per week.

Garlic has allicin as an active ingredient giving it antiviral and antibacterial properties. Garlic cleans your liver (which cleans your blood) since your blood cycles through your liver every three minutes. So thereby stimulating the white blood cells and in turn boosting the immune system.One can make a Onion garlic syrup for mucous release.

The benefits of honey are that it acts as a natural antibiotic with antiseptic properties. There are vitamins such as B-complexes, C, D, E, minerals enzymes and propolis. Bees produce honey by mixing flower nectar with their enzymes. The propolis in honey boosts the immune system, disables viruses and fights infections. There are different types of honey: locally grown is best for seasonal allergies, asthma and respiratory conditions. Honey acts as a homeopathic in treating like with like in helping the body to heal itself. So if the propolis is locally grown you are treating with the irritants that are common to your area. A pediatric study may show it is more effective than cough syrup because it coats the throat better. Honey benefits not only sooth a sore throat also helps colds, flu, headache, nausea. Dosage would be a tablespoon 4 times per day taken straight or in tea.

Cayenne has a high vitamin C content making it a natural choice for a cold, also vitamin A, B, calcium and potassium plus increases the circulation in the body. I like in a capsule form taking 2 - 40,000 heat units (950mg), or liquid 4 drops of the 200,000 heat units. If you place a few drops in water and gargle with it every 15-30 minutes you will be amazed at how quickly your sore throat will disappear.

Ginger health benefits are the volatile oils they warm the body helping the body to sweat breaking a fever and eliminating toxins, plus they stimulate mucous release.
Ginger is a metabolic enhancer the warming also helps with nausea, is a great digestive aid, lung and chest decongesting, and as a body cleansing herb. Ginger tea (especially combined with honey) helps too sooth the throat.
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