You may have purchased a new scale, cleaned all the junk food out of your cabinets, gone to the store and gotten all the right foods, prepared meal plans, and even picked up some new work-out clothes and shoes. You are ready! You have even made it through a few weeks of your new schedule – then it’s a holiday or someone’s birthday at work…you were ready to stick with it…

What happens to our resolve in these situations? You may think – “I just don’t have the willpower”, “I’m just not able to…” or “My mom (or other relative) is this way therefore so am I…” This is just not true! The Internet and my office are filled with success stories of large weight losses, reduced cholesterol, increased energy, and resolution of diabetes.

Does this mean you can never have that chocolate cake or that warm, yummy bread dipped in olive oil (Healthy? Right?) ? NO, it just means that when faced with those situations you need to make a conscious decision - where you actually evaluate how you are going to feel when faced with stepping on the scale.

I have learned a few things about making that resolve stick:

1. I take a few minutes or seconds to really think about what I am about to eat.
2. Do I really want this and why? Am I eating out of some emotional reason? (Be Honest – you are only going to hurt yourself)
3. Is this a nutritious food? Or am I wasting calories on junk?
4. How will I feel later if I eat this high-sugar or white flour food? Will I have a headache or will my energy crash?
5. Do I have time to feel that way?
6. I have an accountability partner – someone who wants me to succeed and will keep me on that path. This is someone who speaks truth with love and grace regardless of the decision I make.

Please notice, hurting someone’s feelings did not enter the decision making process. You may even inspire someone else to strengthen his or her resolve.

We want your resolve to stick!

We use lab analysis, food sensitivity testing and vitamin deficiency analysis to create a personalized eating and movement plan, stress management strategies, relevant nutritional supplementation, proper sleeping techniques; all under the supervision of a holistic-minded physician.

We also offer massage therapy, gait analysis, body composition evaluation, chiropractic care and a personal Lifestyle Educator. If you have been searching for a new way to manage your health, we are here to assist you. Contact us at Restor Healing Centre 630.682.5090