The brain controls the entire body. It is our primary health maintenance organ and the seat of energy production. When it is functioning well total body health is improved. The best way to get good long term brain enhancement is to feed it and use it. Brain nutrients have a rapidly noticeable effect on increased brain performance. Good consistent brain nourishment can straighten out even grave mental, emotional and coordination problems.

Brain health different for children, teen, adult or elderly – for children and teens the brain is still developing, adults you looking at strengthening and maintaining so you avoid degeneration as much as possible when elderly.

How to keep your brain healthy
• Practice stress busters like yoga, or meditation
• Sunshine is great - be outdoors 20-30 minutes per day
• Avoid electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), limit cellular use and acquire protection from WiFi and electricity
• Choose lean quality protein
• Eat Almonds to improve memory, drink Apple juice to increase acetylcholine
• Reduce sugar intake
• Take a B-complex to handle stress and increase memory power
• Emphasize omega 3 fatty acids and omega 9 fats, avoid trans fats
• Practice good sleep habits, avoid heavy meals at night they cause tossing and turning
• Engage in aerobic exercise and mental exercise
• Avoid exposure to chemicals
• Balance the Neurotransmitters in the Brain Serotonin, Dopamine, GABA, Acetylcholine
• Use Energy Medicine such as Colored Light Therapy to balance system, Lasers for biofield restructuring, Ondamed to enhance the bodies frequencies

Possible Props: supplements, foods, energy equipment.
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