Many people suffer from anxious feelings. Often unhealthful habits like overeating, smoking, drinking, excess shopping or screen time is an attempt to calm these feelings.
Research supports the fact that hypnosis can be highly effective for easing anxiety, fears, panic, phobias, excessive worry and stress. Your mind has amazing capacity for desired changes.

Your body, mind, energy and spirit are capable of positive changes when given the appropriate support at the root cause levels. As your mind helps drive the symptoms, so your mind can help change the condition.

Acute and chronic anxiety and anxiety-related conditions are very common. You may have any or all of the common symptoms such as:
• Heart palpitations,
• Sweaty hands or face,
• An upset stomach,
• Shaking hands, and
• Racing fearful thoughts.

Symptoms may surge into a full panic attack. Then the fear or dread of having another anxiety or panic attack becomes the driving thought, and that intensifies the symptoms. You feel out of control. You can break that vicious cycle with a supportive process and program.

As a symptom, anxiety can be part of many physical, mental and emotional conditions. That’s why hypnosis is so well placed to help you, because your subconscious mind is where the roots of your condition live. Your subconscious mind also runs your body. Hypnosis is the process where you connect with your subconscious mind.

When you have a pesky thought or emotion, breathe into it. Give it some space to open up and change. With your intention and open heart, let it transform. Your slower, intentional breathing cues your nervous system to shift to parasympathic mode of relax, rest, repair, digest. As you use your favorite slower breathing style, use the power of your mind to think a more proactive thought such as, "All is well and will be well." "I'm OK, I can handle this." "This, too, shall pass." "It's just the human theater, it's not real." "I choose love over fear." "Safe." "Peace." Create a favorite phrase or cue word that works for you. Allow a smile to come to your face. Ahhhh.

Since different people respond to different modalities, here are some of the possible routes to healing and calmness:
• Hypnotherapy, Self-Hypnosis
• Breathwork
• EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
• Biofeedback
• Negative Thought Stopping
• Energy balancing and trauma relief
• Support for restful sleep
• Forgiveness work for peace of mind
• Coaching for healthy food choices
• Wellness Coaching for healthy habit changes
• Holistic Health consulting.

Image credit: In between places by Casey M-T. on Flickr .