So what’s more important, the food we eat, or how much of it we consume? Interesting question, however both play a prevalent role in how fast we lose weight. We live in America, the land of "Big Everything." Restaurant portions are growing, fast food portions are growing, snack portions are growing, and most of all WE are growing!

1 - Too many bad snacks
We are constantly snacking all day. In fact we keep them everywhere, on counters, our rooms, cars, and even in our pockets or purses. If you see it, you will eat it. Keep snacks out of sight and chances are they will stay out of mind.

2 - The size of your dishes and glasses
If there is space, you will fill it! Why do we need a dish set that could feed the New York Giants? If you buy smaller plates and glasses, you won't have the room to fill it with all those extra calories. Just don't go back for seconds!

3 - Eating during leisure time
Is it just me or is American Idol that much more interesting with a bag of pretzels and a Mountain Dew? Well it's not! If you are distracted when you are eating, you tend to ignore your stop signals i.e. you're body saying its full. Eat at the dinner table, not the coffee table, computer desk or end table.

4 - Low-fat meals
Lets get one thing straight right out of the gate, just because it says low-fat does not mean it is healthy, nor does it mean you can eat more of it. Low-fat usually means high sugar which is also most likely still high in calories. When losing weight, calories are king, keep your calories down and with it your weight should follow.

5 - Unaware of consequences
There are many consquences to eating 3 big meals as oppsed to 5 or 6 balanced ones. Our metabolism slows down due to the large amount of food that has to be processed into energy. Also, the left over food remnants have a great chance of being stored as fat. These are just a few, but the disadvantages of eating large quantities are numerous.
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