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There are a lot of things in our lifestyle that we can control to live healthier and help our bodies function well. We could: eat organically, utilize natural modalities in healthcare (such as chiropractic, acupuncture, and others) to help the body work well and prevent health issues, take high-quality nutrients, get plenty of rest, drink water to hydrate our cells, keep a low stress level, and choose good household products/toiletries to reduce toxicity.

It’s important to do those things! But there are things that we are unable to control. Even if we do optimize our lifestyle – it’s that hidden load (sewage, air, cosmetics, food toxins, smoke and so forth) on the body that’s challenging us. What’s invisible will hurt us.

Did you know that it takes 26 seconds for something on your skin to get into our bloodstream to travel the body systemically?

Did you know that many cosmetics (especially lipstick) contain not only chemicals but gluten? Did you know that jewelry from retail stores contain lead? Nail polish contains formaldehyde. Fish has high levels of mercury. And…. coffee has the highest amount of pesticides of any beverage in the U.S. (gasp)!

The United States is only 4.4% of the world’s population but we use 30% of the world’s pesticides. We like to count calories, but shouldn’t we consider counting chemicals too?

The liver is responsible for detoxifying our body and it’s like taking out the trash. Throughout the day, you put waste into the trash can in the kitchen. At the end of the night, you take the trash bag out to the can in the garage. And every week we take the large trash can out to the curb for the sanitation engineers to pick up. But what would happen if we forgot one of those steps? Things would start to get rotten…. And stinky. Just like the trash, the liver gets rotten and stinky if it has forgotten garbage lying around.

The picture becomes further complicated when we recall that the liver actually has 20+ other functions in addition to detoxification. If it doesn’t work well and is clogged down with stinky trash then it will also be unable to process cholesterol correctly, control our hormones, or any of its other roles in the body.

A more specific example is that when the body can’t clear the hormone estrogen it causes PMS symptoms and irregularities in the menstrual cycle. For men, this could cause visceral fat, low testosterone and insulin resistance…. what Time Magazine dubbed “manopause” on a recent cover.

When the body has too many toxins it decreases mitochondrial efficiency and these are the most common signs you’ll see:

2. cravings for caffeine / carbs / sugar
3. bags under the eyes
4. brain fog
5. difficulty losing weight

Toxins are fat soluble so they are not able to leave the body easily. The liver has a 3-phase system (with many sub-steps to each phase) to help these toxins leave the body. A real detoxification program is a 10 or 28 day program that utilizes:

• A specific whole food nutritional plan that doesn’t include dairy, artificial sweeteners, acidic foods, or sugars that work against this process
• Physician-grade nutrients to correctly stimulate the extensive steps of the 3 phase process
• A multi-dimensional 21st century approach that is capable of telomere repair, membrane fluidity, enhancing cellular processes, mitigating free radicals, and more
• Advanced nutrients to jump-start what I term a “body composition transformation” because the liver clears fat cells.

A real detoxification program is NOT:
Calorie restrictions or fasting (because detoxification uses up a lot of energy!)
• a juice fast (because step 1 of the detox process requires protein!)
• a “cleanse” from a retail store (see the article in the New York Times about the dangers of supplements and products at the stores here)

Medical Disclaimer: If you’re reading this article and interested in a true detoxification program, please work with your healthcare provider because there are contraindications and preparatory steps.

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