On our wish list of awesomeness, a customer complaint does not usually rank #1. But we say, it should!

A restless customer is one of the ripest opportunities in business. It really is. Research actually shows that resolving a customer service issue provides a great opportunity for growth. It opens a door to do something remarkable that will build loyalty and create a powerful story-telling referral tool. When clients share their problem-to-solution stories, that can prove to be more impactful than your paid marketing efforts.

For example, Nordstrom is a well-known, customer service oriented company. You can return almost anything, no questions asked. The key to their success is not that they've done everything perfectly or always carry perfect, indestructible products. But instead, they resolve issues to their customer's satisfaction. That level of service engenders loyalty. Loyalty engenders word of mouth. Word of mouth builds the company's business.

When you experience a customer complaint, it's paramount to not act in a knee-jerk, emotional fashion. The ideal way to solve an issue is to take the time to discover what your customer's perception is, what they want, and then create a solution in a practical and favorable manner. It's also important to stress that resolution must be handled quickly! Time does not produce positive emotions in a disgruntled customer. Don't take too long to do what's right.

Remember, complaints are really just opportunities in disguise. Make yourself something worth talking about.
Sending you thoughts for a prosperous week!

Be Well,
The Chicago Healers Team