Ever wonder why you may sometimes feel so drained when you are among certain friends, co-workers or family members? Step outside of your familiar circles and take a look at our world — each and every one of us is connected one to the other. Just last night I ran into a neighbor while walking my dog. Somehow during the course of our conversation she shared that she was feeling drained of her energy. Consequently, she inspired me to tap into channel and ask about feeling drained. The following was revealed:

Understand that feeling drained of energy results in the over stimulation of moments spent participating in the dynamics of communication with another or others. It is the exchange of energies which become supercharged in a manner that allows for the necessary means of expression through thoughts that become translated into words and words which influence actions. Thoughts — words — actions — each an energetic dynamic expressed through humans.

Know that the creation of thoughts arises through a mind which accumulates, categorizes and stores an abundance of information on a variety of topics or interests. Without the energetic aspect, thought would be less functional or purposeful. It is through energetic influence that function or purpose of thoughts allows for words to be formed in order to be communicated. The communication of words to convey thoughts, ideas or concepts allows another or others to better understand, or perhaps misunderstand — resulting in actions which may or may not appear to be of a high vibrational response.

Realize that the energies attached to thoughts, words and actions influence the receiver’s reaction. The receiver’s reaction may feel as if the thoughts, words and actions result in feeling drained. The opposite is true when the receiver’s reaction feels uplifting based upon the thoughts, words and actions of the one who conveyed. Dear one, be mindful, be present, be aware of all thoughts, words and actions for they influence the fields of lower or higher vibrational energies.

Recognize the many shifts and changes throughout the universe and realize that thoughts, words and actions hold the key for all humanity. As this awareness increases, so too will the dynamics among all brothers and sisters ready to emulate peace and harmony across all nations — offering higher thought from a higher level of consciousness. Many blessings to all who walk upon the path of change and know that the Light guides you on your journey . . .