This week we've been discussing the idea of how to teach the value of work to children. Some families may refer to them as chores. Some might refer to pitching in with household work as a life skill. No matter what you call it, is it something that your family instills? If not, the future outcome could be crippling to a child as they grow. As adults, we all know the amount of responsibility life involves, and keeping on top of it is critical. Jobs are essential elements of learning how to maneuver through life. Putting away toys as a toddler, wiping up a spill as a pre-schooler, emptying the dishwasher as a young grade-schooler all, eventually, turn into one's future.

Whether they enjoy doing these tasks or not, beginning a cooperative venture at a young age teaches kids how to apply themselves to work. It helps them understand that some jobs must be done whether you feel like it or not. There are countless articles on the internet describing age appropriate chores for children, along with a myriad of forums and blog post discussions as to whether or not kids should get paid for doing household work. That is most certainly a matter of opinion and decision within each individual home.

Although our examination this week on our social media outlets has been that involving kids in chores helps the family work better, the fact is that sharing housework can minimize stress in any family situation…..children or not. Sharing the load is always beneficial and emphasizes the sense of responsibility and family involvement. And when children contribute to family life, it also helps them feel capable and responsible. Building that attribute can help establish a lifetime of pride in one's undertakings.