As small business owners know, the Corporate filing deadline is fast approaching. We wanted to offer a few reminders about what to include.

Things to Consider:

* Cost of going into business
* Business use of your home including a portion of your rent or mortgage, utilities, etc.
* Phone, internet, postage
* Software
* Education expenses
* Auto expenses, parking fees and tolls
* Business travel
* Legal and professional fees
* Bank charges, credit card fees and interest
* Dues, professional fees and subscriptions
* Professional books and literature
* Insurance
* Business or employee entertaining
* Charitable contributions
* Website, hosting fees, advertising and promotion
* Carry over of losses and depreciation from 2008

With only a few weeks to go, make sure you get your financial house in proper order and itemize deductions that maximize your return. We tried to think of something witty and inspirational to say but honestly, we can't. We'll be sending you extra energy to get this yearly task complete.

Sending you thoughts for a prosperous week!

Be well,
The Chicago Healers Team