During the depressive mood swing a person with bipolar disorder and friends and family may feel they live in scarcity. Nothing seems to be going right. Feelings of inadequacies, fear, anger, hopelessness and despair can dominant each person’s life.

Friends and families can feel the “knot in the stomach” that more is going to be asked of them than they may be able or willing to provide. All the education a support person has gathered to understand this disorder fades to the present reality of the turmoil that the next day, week, or month could bring. If love or commitment or obligation didn’t hold support person to endure the drama inherent in the disorder who would stay around for such an undesirable role?

For the person with bipolar disorder slipping into a depression may legitimately be as “ugly”. The effort to exercise and eat good food is long gone. The energy it takes to care about one’s appearance long gone. The couch becomes an inviting resting place; the TV the only reliable source of acceptable noise. No one else matters. No person is on their side. Anyone around him or her should expect that they should help the person with any request. A word of appreciation, however, probably may remain silent.

In a depressive mood episode bipolar disorder brings only scarcity to everyone’s life. Hope has fled; time stands still. God is present but not called upon.

Life is great. Ideas, creativity, energy, successes, respect, appreciation, high self-esteem and lack of sleep describes the pattern of life for many a person with bipolar disorder. Life has so many options and the person has so many ideas to implement. Those out of step with one’s plans need to get on board or get off the boat.

At this time support people anticipate no “abundance” in their lives. A mood swing requires so much work. In mania fear within the support person’s heart increases as the person with bipolar disorder takes more and more risks. Danger is high. Consideration of anyone is low.

Both “scarcity and abundance” can be words used to describe the mood swings for those with bipolar disorder. Support people have only one word…”scarcity”.