The other day I set my morning intention to get to the store in an efficient and timely manner, safely, for Everyone’s Highest Good. A nice peaceful affirmation of my faith in the Universe. I had a lot going on, many things on my mind, and yet I was determined to stay present. I drive well; I am clever and quick and see opportunities in every moment to safely get where I’m going fast. I am a Indy driver; like that artist on a bike who leaves everyone in the dust. I also spent 35 years in the wide open countryside, driving effortlessly with the wind in my hair with nobody else on the road.

On this particular day, there was a full moon. People were not using the crosswalks, drivers weren’t stopping at the stop walks when pedestrians were crossing, and dangerous choices were being made by mothers with strollers, and bikers. I was getting frustrated, and I could feel my body responding. I know that when that happens, the situation is vulnerable, because I am lowering the vibration and that can attract disaster!

Now every day, our Soul Purpose is to keep the vibration high. We are to cultivate gratitude, kindness, patience and love. How do you do that in crazy driving situations?

Remembering these goals, I thought about my values. I value safety, efficiency, timeliness and ease. Others may have completely different values while driving; they may value “winning”, or speed, or any number of things, and… truth be told, they can drive any way they choose, and walk and ride bikes any way they choose. They have free will. When I focus on the fact that my goal is to find joy, tolerance, patience, kindness, etc., I can surrender, knowing everything is exactly as it should be. The anxiety and frustration go away. And maybe what it truly boils down to is a matter of control. I cannot control others. Oh, that makes me mad and frustrated until I realize it’s not my job to! What a relief! I can return to patience, kindness, love… Blessings, and Happy Trails!