I'm so pleased that you’ve decided to join our growing family.

Whether you are using the program or just a fellow traveler,

I’m here to help you learn:

How diets activate our weight gain mechanisms!

Why struggling against your urges is one of the components causing your weight gain.

How your fears are connected to your weight, and how you can liberate yourself and begin losing weight.

You will understand the part your subconscious plays in the weight gain or loss process, and learn how to take advantage of it to your benefit.

You'll meet yourselves, the deepest parts of you, your true desires and passions, your most concealed fears and beliefs.

You'll learn to change beliefs and habits that no longer fit, and how to create new habits and beliefs that will promote real, deep, long term change.

You'll experience how changing your eating habits can become the most natural, healthy thing there is, as it occurs from the Inside Out – and not the other way around.

You'll watch your body release its excess weight when you release your inner “emotional weight.”

Even within the first few days and weeks of this program, you'll discover changes occurring in your subconscious, and how they easily lead to meaningful changes in your eating habits, and how they affect eating sweets, carbs and fats.

I'm so pleased to be able to accompany you on this new path you’ve chosen,

A path that is unlike any other you’ve known.

A path that is free of struggle, torment and dieting,

A path that will take you inside and be reflected on the outside,

As you reach your true self – by losing weight from the Inside Out

To your Success,