At the end of an already economically crunched holiday season, many consumers are careful about spending their hard earned money and savings. Customer decisions to "trim back" may challenge us to rethink ways of doing business to maintain healthy growth.

During lean times, conventional wisdom might suggest that we cut costs and think about price breaks. But how, when already operating on a thin margin, do we manage to keep our businesses thriving? Can we really cut overhead costs? Or trim prices to win business?

We want to suggest that you can use your ingenuity during this crunch time to inspire creation, not simply cutting. In order to create, we need to think about value. Value is something that is both tangible and intangible. Value is, in fact, what the customer says it is. It's relative and not fixed, and changes over time depending on your customers' needs and desires.

Now might be a great time to reflect and re-create moving into this New Year. How have customer wants, needs and desires shifted? Is there something you can do to help them in a new way or with a new service? Is there a way you can cut an overhead cost in one place, but add value somewhere else with little increase in cost to the business?

Think about this time as one filled with dynamic tension where you can strengthen your business by creating a new definition of value for both you and your customer. As the old adage states "change is inevitable". Think about this as a time where you can re-create with value to everyone's advantage. Ironically, tough economic times are when we need wellness services most. Creatively reminding your clients of this could be a win-win.

Sending you thoughts for a prosperous week!

Be well,
The Chicago Healers Team