A: That’s a great question! Acupuncture is well researched to minimize the symptoms of menopause especially hot flashes, waking early or sleep disturbances, fatigue, and others. And if you haven’t tried Acupuncture yet – don’t worry because it’s a painless and an incredibly relaxing treatment.

Additionally, there’s a great application for enhancing nutrients to minimize the symptoms and support healthy hormone balance. Each person’s nutrition and hormone status are unique but generally speaking this may begin with bloodwork for Nutrient Testing (deficiencies in Vitamin D, selenium, magnesium, amino acids and many others have been associated with menopause), a 10-day Clear Change detoxification program (because the liver actually controls our hormones!), or physician-grade clinical application of nutrients to regulate hormonal balance.

Both Acupuncture and nutrition can work as standalone treatment methods or in conjunction with traditional medical treatment to enhance the result.