The holidays are difficult for many. We have expectations, which can lead to huge disappointments. We need to make sure that we hold no expectations, which protects us from having to live up to other's expectations. How can we be expectation free when we've asked for that watch, or that purse, or we KNOW that cousin Eddie is going to drink too much and talk about that issue he has with so-and-so?
Every day we can begin anew. Every day, we get a second chance. Time does not actually exist. Magically, it is gone at dusk, and a new day dawns. Since time does not exist, it is we who keep it alive, by remembering, by expecting that energy to be the same, or to change. Now, because we cannot ever control another person, the only thing that can change in the present between cousin Eddie and his habits and our experience of him, is maybe Eddie, but definitely us. WE can change. We can decide to hold a different perception, belief, or judgment about Eddie and his situation. I call it our Peanut Butter and Jelly- (PBJ) If we decide to believe that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be, then we can realize that Eddie is stuck right where he needs to be, and we can bless him and realize it has nothing to do with us. He is not doing anything to us. We might even begin to gather comfort in knowing that truly, some things never change. We might begin to detach from the situation and watch the family craziness knowing we are safe in our own energy, and grateful for how happy we are. In this way, it might even be a little funny and endearing. We might even decide we don't want to join the rest of the family on that particular holiday, and instead plan a separate celebration at a different time with the people we truly care about.
However we choose to perceive this, judge it, or hold a certain belief about it can determine our comfort. This blog will expand on this in coming weeks, so for now, begin to notice which thoughts you hold which bring you grief, and which bring you JOY. Joy is the goal! Blessings!