Survey after survey reveals that most people believe there is a power in the universe that is greater than us. Some people refer to this power as God, some as universal truth, others as divine spark, others as inner mindfulness and the list goes on and on.

In every moment in our lives we use thoughts and feelings to guide us through decisions and actions. Each moment in our lives also includes a spiritual presence. Given we can not separate our mind and from our body we cannot isolate our spiritual life. All is mix up together all the time.

We try ways to keep ourselves healthy and we learn when things go well and we learn from our struggles.

Sometimes we struggle to make sense of the voice inside of us that urges us to wholeness. We feel a hunger to feed this side of ourselves as we do to our body and mind. We want balance and health. Each month there are millions pieces of information on how to improve our mind and body. Not many of these sources of information include processes to deepen our spiritual life with lifestyle advice.

We struggle to walk this path. We yearn for wisdom. Instead we feel confused, challenged and alone; sometimes even abandoned.

As we believe our bodies and our minds are precious to us and we incorporate from experts ways to gain and maintain optimal health we can ask ourselves why is it so difficult to believe our God-Spiritual guide(s)-Angels-Higher Power call us anything else but “precious” and want to guide us to wholeness. We are sacred beings and each of us has spiritual stories.

We are born sacred. We may struggle in our spiritual lives but our path is sacred.