What happens when you wake up early in the morning with too little sleep and a list of to-do's, shaking your head with memories of a container of Ben and Jerry's that was mysteriously consumed last night while watching an educational edition of National Geographic?? We all have moments where we sigh, wishing "conditions" felt different. Thoughts of melancholy can overcome us at times ~ "A few too many scoops", "too much TV, not enough sleep", "no exercise again today" or maybe it's just as simple as "the dread of the what's ahead" that can set the tone for the day.

What conditions exist within you, or your company, that keep things exactly as they are? What processes, values, relationships, or lack there of, hold you back? Does your business model, your customer base (yep, even that), employees, accounting, computer system, website (or the absence of any of these) keep you from opening your senses to a new reality? Do the very things you cling to prevent growth?

What conditions need to change so your customers will enjoy themselves more, feel healthier, return again and again, support your business and make referrals?

Take pen and paper and stroll around your office. Take a close look at everything. What's getting in the way of where you'd like to be? Then, take a moment to look in the mirror and ask yourself the same thing. What conditions exist and what can change?

Optimize your conditions so you and your business are supported while growing towards the success you want. Conditions can determine the outcome of any situation - change the conditions, change the outcome.

Sending you thoughts for a prosperous week!

Be well,
The Chicago Healers Team