Ever sat down, delved deep and determined whether or not your life is moving in a favorable direction? You know, have you made choices that led to good decisions or perhaps not the most desirable outcomes? A little of both may be the case. Maybe you found excuses for your failures, blamed others, or kept moving with little concern or regard of the consequences. Sometimes our inner stirrings bring up things we would rather not face. Although there exists a fair amount of reward for our noble efforts in pursuit of our dreams and of course, happiness, we must remain mindful of our choice of words and actions throughout our experiences. Regardless of our actions, we always manage to come back to our zero point within. That still, quiet place where we find comfort and hopefully our own truth.

Recently I have been contemplating the path that I am journeying upon filled with choices, decisions, words spoken, actions taken and so on. There have been moments when I felt as if certain challenges and struggles became overwhelming yet somehow I found a strand of hope to cling to – not knowing the outcome. There seems to be a mystery to life – offering intrigue and interest with every breath which leads me to wonder about new beginnings. So I posed a statement asking for an explanation about new beginnings . . .

Dear one, new beginnings as you refer allows opportunities to unfold through fresh thoughts, new ideas, and the willingness to step beyond boundaries or hardships in order to maintain a momentum, a rhythm creating a life of your choosing. It is merely a matter of changing direction when old habits or familiar yet unproductive behaviors restrict or prevent you from realizing your dreams.

Realize that the stirrings within suggest new beginnings preparing you for a change in direction. Sometimes you may feel as if you wish to stay still – remain where you are because it feels safe yet at the same time it prohibits your personal growth and the ability to move forward. New beginnings offer hope when you hold faith in your heart while circumstances unfold in many ways that you would not otherwise have known. Be bold – be brave – know that life offers you new beginnings so that you may experience the many possibilities for just being alive. Trust that the Light continues to guide you on your journey with the promise of many new beginnings along the way . . .

I wish to share with you that I am stepping into a new beginning – one which allows me to focus more on my practice as a craniosacral therapist and guided wisdom channel. Thank you so much for your interest in my guided wisdom blog over the past year. I hope that you were able to find some inspiration along the way. May you realize all choices that you make become a part of your story. Life is interesting and you have the choice to make it so.

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