Some people just seem to instinctively grasp the skill of networking. Those who are successful at networking appear to have some type of inborn gravitational pull - like a giant magnet stuck to their billfold full of business cards collecting new opportunities. It often appears so effortless for those who seem to be good it.

For those that didn't come programmed with the "networking chip", doing it well is a work in progress and an evolution in comfort level. Networking really isn't that hard, even for introverts. Success from networking is about building relationships. The numbers of relationships, at first, don't matter as much as the strength and scope.

It can be tempting to think that networking is about finding places and people you don't know. From those who are successful at it, they tell us that's not the case. In fact, it's actually the counter intuitive approach that works. Begin your development by networking with the people you know to get to the ones you don't and never be afraid to share your passion. Networking is not about going to events, although that helps, it's about using what you have and letting that organically grow.

Those that network well don't often spend time cold calling or "selling". But instead, they spend most of their time with a regular, close group of associates, friends and advocates simply sharing what they have to offer and inspiring them to do the same.

Someone once said, "Networking, put simply, is working with others to achieve more than we could achieve on our own." Take the first step to get out there and get can do it!

Sending you thoughts for a prosperous week!

Be Well,
The Chicago Healers Team