In a recent support group for those with mood disorders one middle aged man shared, “This time I think I have put all my ducks in order”.

A year ago he had to leave his education program because he had mood episodes that made it impossible to continue his dream of securing credentials that would allow him to find secure full-time employment. Instead he received “Fs” in all his classes.

He shifted gears to do all he could to stabilize his disability. He entered the hospital, worked with medications until a combinations of them worked, regularly saw his doctor and therapist, visited drop-in centers, and asked for support from people who had known him for a long time.

Even in the midst of bipolar disorder chaos he took control of what he could and acted on his decisions. Life wasn’t easy. Each choice took tremendous motivation and discipline. He didn’t allow shame and self-loathing to take over his life…most of the time. When his professional support system encouraged him to return to school he did.

He had to meet with special service personnel who helped with wade through all the paper work including—why all the Fs. With each meeting one more obstacle was addressed; one more step forwards was taken.

During all this time he went to the drop-in center where to met new people, helped others who needed to hear his story and received much appreciated technical help from the staff.

He moved forward one step at a time. He felt proud of himself. He could see progress. He started school again. It’s been six weeks and he is moving forward. He believes in himself.

And through it all he was OK with God.