The movie made me laugh and reminded me how much I enjoy rooting for the underdog. It must be because sooner or later the “underdog” experience is in nearly everyone’s resume.

On the drive home I thought about two messages that may apply to people with bipolar disorder and their friends and family.

The first example happened at the beginning of the movie when the two best friends lose their jobs. One character wanted to hurry up and get any job. His best friend however had an idea to do something radical and chase a dream. The “dreamer” had to confront, persuade, and badger his friend to take the chance. He was successful. The friend dropped his new found job and joined the chase.

Episodes later the roles were reversed. The “dreamer” made a mistake on the job that cost his team to lose an important competition. He abruptly left the group believing that once again he was “all talk and no action”. At this juncture, the guy who initially had to be convinced to go on the chase now had to convince his best friend to stick to the dream and play it out. He badgered, confronted and yelled at the discouraged friend to re-enlisted to chase the dream. He won his friend over.

BIPOLAR MESSAGES: Without strong support we can lose our way when our lives look bleak. We need people around us who love and care about us so much that they go the mile to persuade us to take a risk for a better life. It is not always easy to persuade a person with a mood disorder that one can work for a healthier life. The two guys in the movie took the risk so should we.

The second message–negative messages we give ourselves can keep us down.

Each of the main movie characters were trapped by old messages that lived deep in their heads. Had those messages not been stilled both of the characters would have settled for an unsatisfying life.

For those of us with a mood disorder we battle negative internal messages so much of the time. They can bring us down and then we have a heck of a time shutting them up. These core messages take their toil on us. We need lots of support to silence the ugly words. We need to do our part in reigning in our wandering minds and seek professional help when we can’t climb out of the muck.

Love support; reject negative self-talk. Go see movies that make you laugh and cheer for the underdog.