Valentine's Day is just around the bend. It's the time of year where we walk into stores stacked with shiny red hearts, chocolates in every lip smacking shape and size, and cards that express sentiments in so many different ways. It's a time of year to take pause and reflect on all that we love. It's a tradition that, believe it or not, isn't just a card company holiday but goes back to the 5th century!

Love, while it's not often something we directly talk about when we discuss our businesses, is indeed the animating force for any successful venture. Those that have found ways to harness the power of love are an unstoppable force. Love is one of the main reasons people stay in a profession or keep coming back to a product or a practitioner. Think about how many times you hear "I love going to that store - the people who help me are always amazing", "l love my yoga teacher! She motivates me beyond what I thought possible", "I love the food at that place", or "I love that website". Expressions of love are all around us and they do exist in business - deeply so.

Have you ever thought it funny when people say "It's not personal, it's just business". What does that mean anyway?! Isn't anything and everything in which we interact with one another "personal"?

You've got a few days before Valentine's day arrives. Think about what you can do to touch people's hearts. Loyalty to any business is an emotional attachment. What can you do to build new attachments and strengthen old ones? It's all common sense; customers are more likely to give you business if they feel cared about. Love is the true definition of customer care and really is what makes the world go 'round. Happy Valentine's Day!

Sending you thoughts for a prosperous week!

Be well,
The Chicago Healers Team