During the holidays, energy runs high enough to keep me busy with clients above and beyond any other time of year. We "feel" everything that's going on around us, in our bodies. There are cellular reactions; chemical productions based on memories good AND bad. Just knowing this can help us feel empowered! Now we know what's happening; we aren't nuts! And speaking of nuts, our bodies react to all the foods we don't usually eat, as well.
Here are some more tips for coping, and thriving during this sometimes less-than-magical time of year. We CAN cherish every moment and create NEW memories!
Listen to your body. Start a running conversation with it. This brings you out of reacting and into creating. Are you hungry? Thirsty? Sick of this gin and tonic? Tired? Can't listen to one more carol? Need to sit down and take off your shoes? HONOR IT. Do not push yourself… because all those irritations and pushing of your limits will add up! If you have the courage to say, "I need to sit down," probably 3 people around you will agree. If you can't think or talk anymore, step outside or into the bathroom, somewhere quiet. And ask yourself frequently, "Do I want or need to eat this?" This new relationship with yourself will serve you well the rest of the year.
Watch your pets. Seriously, they are very sensitive to subtle energy. If they are watching you, following you from room to room, behaving nervously, you are probably stressed and nervous, and need to breathe deeply and collect your thoughts. You are probably disorganized in that moment. Your pets can clue YOU in to what you're feeling! If you adore your pets like most of us do, you will want to modify your stress level to make THEM more comfortable! What a gift they are, in so many ways.
Finally, (because there is a lot here to master), approach each event and interaction during all the festivities with curiosity rather than expectation. Curiosity brings us present, where we can choose what to say and do, and tap into what we feel, while expectation takes us either back in time, or into the future. People can change in every moment, just like we can. BE the energy you want to encounter, and watch what happens. Connect with the Joy, not the dysfunction! Happy Holidays!