Has someone ever wronged you without offering, what you thought should be, a well-deserved apology? I’m sure the majority of readers answer with a resounding “yes”! What happens when a victim of any sort of incident receives an apology? It’s quite amazing what transpires along the lines of healing. When apologized to in meaningful and authentic manner, an injured person (in terms or either emotional and/or physical) is given the opportunity by the offender to restore their dignity.

A sincere apology can allow the offended to better manage feelings that occurred because of the wrong-doing. Moving forward from the hurt allows serenity to ensue. Even with or without an apology, it’s a healing milestone to forgive someone. The offended person is exonerated and is allowed a full freedom from the wrong. In turn, if the offender sincerely apologizes, he/she has opportunity to accept responsibility for his/her “crime”.

Apologies and forgiveness can provide symmetrical balance for both parties and restore tranquility in one’s life. Never underestimate the power of an apology. It’s good for your all-around health.