We hear about the importance of self love and care all the time. To the point, perhaps, that it has lost true meaning.
What IS self-love? How do we achieve it? How do we know we have it?
Let's break it down. Self-love is the energy of acceptance for ourselves, the peace that comes from knowing and accepting our Light side and our Dark side. We all have both sides! I teach love and acceptance; I love you unconditionally when you come in to see me! But if you cut me off in traffic, I'm going to react, then probably laugh. I'm letting out some energy. If I did not love myself, trust that I am truly a good, loving, compassionate person, I might not allow myself to FEEL the frustration. We're human here on Earth! Of course we aren't going to be all "Namaste" all the time. Know it, and love that about yourself. Light and Dark.
We are infinitely and unconditionally loved by Source exactly as we are, despite our opinion of ourselves! This is because we ARE love.
Self love is consciously working within Nurturing Mother Energy, knowing what we need in each present moment. Ask, Am I hungry? Thirsty? Cold? Anxious? Angry? Sad? Have to go pee? (How many times as women do we NOT go when we have to because something else or someone else is more important?)
Once we check in with ourselves, we do what we need in order to get back to center. If we are angry,
sometimes just acknowledging the emotion sets us back to center. Breathing helps, as do a variety of other healthy options. I teach all manner of courses of action.
We strive to come back to center because our Soul Purpose in this lifetime is to be the vibration of love and peace. To be it, and be in it. In that way, we are always helping whoever we encounter, and bounce back to our peaceful state quickly.
Sometimes coming back to center may require standing up at work or home and saying, "Your words are angry and blaming. When we can discuss this calmly, I'll be over here." Nothing productive can come from being in the lower vibration of anger and blame. THAT is not self love!
Often, we have to physically remove ourselves from a situation to find our peace.
The more centered in love for ourselves we are, the more we are certain we can handle any situation or person. We do not take anything personally, because we know and trust that we are love, and loved, and therefore need nothing from anyone else., not validation, acceptance, approval… We can then observe from a safe place within ourselves and be in control, not reactive. Staying in our own self love and care always serves the Highest Good!