As we're learning techniques for coping with the holidays, we should remember that other's are experiencing the same thing! Sometimes that is a very comforting thought. We are part of a bigger whole. Even within our families, we might find a kindred spirit feeling out of sorts with the familiar family drama.
Here are some actual energy moving skills you can practice. Use any one, or all of these:
Go outside and imagine you have a drain between your feet. Imagine any negative energy you have been exposed to draining right out of your energy field, your body, mind and spirit just draining right out, going back into the Earth- Mother Earth.
Place your hands in front of your solar plexus, (stomach area), and push out as you exhale with a whoosh. This pushes other people's energy away from you.
And finally, a very powerful technique is to send out a beam of love from your heart. When you are feeling and generating the highest vibration, nothing can touch you!