The Blacks Hills of South Dakota, Yellowstone National Parks and the Grand Canyon were fertile grounds to pick up stones…those that drew me. I was eleven years old.
Time has not changed me. My basement holds paper bags, tin containers, and plastic bags with wrapped stones in them.

When travels take me to rivers-lakes-oceans or hikes in-fields-forest-mountains I somehow come home with stones. I don’t know their names. I believe we are intimate friends, When I take a few minutes in my basement I seem always to go over to some container of stones and stare at the collection and touch many and hold a few.

Stones calm me. They ready me for a breath of spiritual connection.

Our spiritual lives undergird our every moment. If you are having a difficult time feeling spiritual or walking your spiritual path find a stone that draws you. Pick it up and hold it and feel its strength. Then look at its every speck, dent and colors; feel its texture. Claim this stone for yourself and thank the universe that such a gift has been presented to you.

People with serious mental health issues could use many stones in their lives. Any way to calm ourselves and afford us a moment of inner peace—a feeling that everything is going to be OK--strengthen our resolve to manage our disorder as best as we can one day at a time.

Last year I visited a small town of 285 people. Tucked in between a hair salon and the “Best ice cream east of the Mississippi River” stood “Amelia’s Attic”. The sign out-side advertised “fairies, beads and tea leaf readings”. I walked right it. In the midst of the high inventory shelves, packed layered tables and theme oriented corners was a display of stones and beads. One stone that caught my eye glowed with rivers of gray. I looked, picked up and held the gem. The note attached to the stone read:

Botswana Agate: Called the Change Stone as it helps handle change in a positive way. It can help those who have repressed emotional issues that need to be addressed so that they can release and heal. It can be helpful for those struggling to be genuine in their lifestyle, as it promotes an understanding of the need for deeper meaning.

Don’t you think anyone involved with bipolar disorder could benefit by holding for a long time the Botswana Agate?