So I was talking to a patient this morning about a powerful topic..... nutrition (of course! I know I'm so predictable!)

She told me about how she saw the documentary "Fed Up" over the weekend. The biggest take-aways that she learned from it were that eating organic and less processed foods were two of the biggest things she *needs* to do. I thought it was so great to hear her say she NEEDED to do it, not "I should probably ...." Sometimes visuals like movies can be so impactful!

One of my favorite research facts about eating organic is from a study on organic eggs vs. conventional eggs. They found that the amount of healthy omega 3's in the organic eggs was dramatically higher than the conventional eggs. That means that organic food gives us more nutrients!

Or does that mean that conventional methods are killing our nutrients?

Hmmmm. Let that thought sink in for a minute.

Another take-home from the documentary she mentioned was an example of a young girl who was an athletic swimmer, but wasn't able to lose weight. At her school, they were serving burger/fries and fast food as the school lunches. After watching, she said "I really felt like she was trying and doing some great things, but the deck was stacked against her."

The food served in schools is such a hot topic, and there have been many more pioneers for change in this area. Remember when Jamie Oliver brought national attention to this several years ago?

Here's what research shows: 80% of weight loss is nutrition, not exercise. And in my clinical experience, I agree completely. Everytime we eat, we're either feeding disease or fighting it!
(Disclaimer: but exercise is a still an important and valuable part of a healthy lifestyle!)

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